10 Exciting Activities Other Than Horseback Riding at a Dude Ranch

Published: 11/1/2017 11:08:00 AM


You may think that a dude ranch vacation is all about horseback riding and nothing else but many dude ranches offer a wide array of fun activities outdoors. Activities vary from dude ranch to dude ranch so be sure to ask in advance which activities are available before booking your next vacation. Below are 10 possible activities that you could do other than horseback riding.

 1)      HIKING- Dude ranches can be found in some of the most spectacular natural settings in the world. A hike could take you through mountains, boreal forests, canyon deserts, grasslands and marshes. Many dude ranches offer guided as well as self-guided hikes which vary from 1 hour to an all day hike.


 Hiking-Photo courtesy of Echo Valley Ranch & Spa

2)      FLY-FISHING- Dude ranches that are found near water may offer fly fishing as one of their activities. Beginners can often take a lesson or two before setting out to catch “the big one”.


Fly-fishing –Photo courtesy of Laramie River Dude Ranch

3)      WILDLIFE VIEWING- The wildlife at dude ranches can be diverse. From elk, white tail deer, mule deer, black bears, coyotes, to moose and more you are likely to come across something while staying at a dude ranch. Don’t forget your camera!

 4)      RAFTING-Some dude ranches offer white water rafting excursions to rivers nearby. This could include simply enjoying a nice leisurely day floating down the rapids or a far more advanced program.

 5)      SPORTING CLAYS & SKEET SHOOTING-Dude ranches may offer a visit to the range where after learning some shooting basics and safety guidelines you can try your hand at shooting.

 6)      BIRD WATCHING-Many dude ranches are home to a diverse bird population. Birders of all levels of interest can spend their time in the pursuit of easily found or not so easily found birds.

 7)      MOUNTAIN BIKING-For those people who prefer to ride a bike rather than hiking many dude ranches will make available sturdy mountain bikes for their guests to use out on the trails.

Mountain biking-Photo courtesy of Vista Verde Ranch

8) SPA TREATMENTS- After a couple of fun days filled with activities why not indulge in a full body massage or relaxing facial. Many guest ranches feature full spa programs to pamper yourself.


Spa Treatments-Photo courtesy of The Ranch at Rock Creek

9) PHOTOGRAPHY- Some guest ranches during the year offer photography retreats for professional and amateur photographers alike. With such breathtaking scenery, horses and general ranch life to choose from learn how to take your photography skills to the next level.

Photography-Photo courtesy of The Bar W Guest Ranch

10) STARGAZING- Nighttime at a guest ranch can be spectacular. Far from city lights means that stargazing at a guest ranch is something not to be missed. Many ranch’s even have telescopes on-hand to enhance your sky viewing experience.


Stargazing-Photo courtesy of Rancho Los Baños AdventureGuest Ranch

Whatever you decide to do on your next dude ranch vacation RanchSeeker’s Dude Ranch Finder can help you find the ideal guest ranch.

Happy Trails!


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