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10 Lessons You'll Learn From A Dude Ranch Vacation

4/13/2015 1:51:16 PM

With spring finally here, many dude ranches are gearing up for the 2015 season. For you, this means that it’s finally time to pack up your cowboy hat and boots and head to where the air is fresh, the scenery is breathtaking, and the adventures are abundant. If this is your first time on a ranch, the following are ten lessons you’re bound to learn during your time there.

1.)Despite What You Thought, You Can Survive Without Technology

Most ranches are remote, which means that your access to Wi-Fi or even your phone network may be close to impossible. However, instead of going Lion King on your mobile device, relax and breathe in the fresh air. Within a few days, you’ll be so caught up in the hustle and bustle of the ranch that you’ll forget that you’ve ever had electrical devices to keep boredom at bay.

Technlogy Free

2.)Riding a Horse is What You’ve Been Meant to Do All Your Life

Horse riding is one of the main activities ranches have to offer. In addition to being fun, this activity improves your balance, boosts your coordination and motor function, strengthens your muscles, enhances blood circulation, and teaches patience, self-discipline and self-confidence. Learning to ride also has mental and emotional benefits. Research shows that staying and steering horses is a challenge that can stimulate your mind and prevent memory loss. On the other hand, you can choose to be alone with the kindred spirit you’re riding or seek human companionship with other riders.  

3.) There’s No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

Some ranches will allow you to take part in different chores, some of which you’ll be hesitant to handle since you’re a regular city slicker. However, these tasks are what will build your character and make you appreciate the people working outside offices. You will also enjoy every morsel you eat on the ranch even more knowing you had a hand in getting it to the table. Finally, these chores are bound to be fun, especially when done with other people, such as your family.

4.) Ranch Time is a Great Opportunity for Family Time

Ranch holidays are perfect for families because they offer different activities that are designed for all ages. They also allow all members to bond, be it around the dining table, during square dance and social activities or while working around the ranch. As a result, you’ll go home as one, stronger unit, which is exactly what a family should be.

5.) Food ACTUALLY Has a Flavor You Never Discovered

Some dude ranches grow their own organic produce and raise their own cattle raised on organic feed and fresh water from nearby springs or lakes. Because this food is chemical free, you’ll discover what fresh foods are actually supposed to taste like. Moreover, whether you’re a fan of gourmet ranch meals or country home cooking, you’re bound to find a ranch that caters to your palate. Your dude ranch vacation can also be an epicurean adventure.

6.) Mother Nature is Worthy of Your Praise

Ranches are usually miles away from civilization as you know it, allowing you to enjoy the areas Mother Nature still reigns. Nestled in the mountains or plains, dude ranches will grant you the opportunity to appreciate the beautiful scenery surrounding you and the critters that make it so special. As you don’t get to see these or notice them anywhere else, your time on the ranch will definitely be worthwhile.

Echo Valley Ranch
Echo Valley Ranch in British Columbia

7.) There are SO MANY Outdoor Activities You Haven’t Discovered

While your outdoor activities in the city may be limited to walking, jogging or partying, a dude ranch has a whole list of things you can do under the sun and later starry sky. For instance, you can go kayaking during the day and camping in the evening????. Even if it’s winter, ranches open during the cold season are bound to offer you different activities such as snowboarding and ice fishing.

8.) Caring for Animals isn’t Easy Physically or Emotionally

Remember how Billy Crystal’s character from ‘City Slickers’ made a connection and adopted the calf he brought to the world? By taking care of animals on the ranch, you’re bound to bond with some even if you’ve never considered growing close with a farm animal. This will bring out a softer edge to your personality and appreciate the furry friends of this Earth more.


9.) The Western Heritage isn’t All Cowboys and Indians

Contrary to what you thought before arriving at the dude ranch, you’re going to discover how deep and interesting the western heritage is. In addition to cowboy history, you’ll learn about important people and figures and their contribution towards the present you’re enjoying at the ranch. Be it through memorabilia, stories or even cooked delicacies, get ready to be submerged deeply into history

10.) You’re Not the Person You Believed You Are in the City

The hard work, honest ranchers, loyal animals and connection you strike with nature is bound to bring OUT the best in you. You’ll challenge yourself and push beyond the limits you’ve established earlier, discovering a new person altogether. You may start appreciate the simpler things in life more as well as material things less.Health and relationships may increase in importance while ambition and status decrease. Interestingly, these aren’t all the lessons you’ll discover during a next ranch vacation. However, only you can contribute to this list. So book your own Wild West experience at one of our ranches today.

Ranch Spotlight-Laramie River Ranch

4/3/2015 11:18:28 AM

The Newest Old Ranch in Colorado

For those who have dreamt of becoming real cowboys or those who simply desire the rustic western lifestyle, Laramie River Ranch is ideal. Nestled in the majestic Rocky Mountains, the ranch flaunts scenic surroundings with views of wildlife such as antelope, elk and moose. It also boasts a wide range of activities and even a kids’ program, earning it a spot on the 100 Best All-Inclusive Resorts of the World and Jim Balzotti's Best Guest Ranches and Horseback Riding Vacations.

Laramie River Ranch

Laramie River Ranch – Yesterday and Today

According to many of the ranch’s structures, Laramie River Ranch dates all the way back to the 1880s. At the time, Glendevey, Colorado was home to numerous ranches due to its beautiful surroundings and proximity to the city (just 45 minutes). Since then, the ranch changed hands until it was sold to Bill and Krista Burleigh. In addition to changing the ranch’s name from UT Bar Dude Ranch, the couple and their children have worked to make this rustic 1,360-acre ranch an attraction for modern travelers. The historic lodge built in the 1880s features a stone fireplace, a large living room and a dining room that offers a view of the Rawah peaks. Complementing these are climate controls, electronics and modern amenities you may need during your stay. There are also five historic log cabins which were constructed from the local forest’s lumber by hand. In addition to offering similar amenities to those in the lodge, you get a personal cookie jar that is refilled daily whenever the room is cleaned.

Laramie River Ranch

What to Expect While Visiting Laramie River Ranch

The cozy accommodation options with modern facilities are just one of the things which make this dude ranch worth visiting. If you’re in Colorado between June 7 and September 13, 2015, here are some reasons to consider residing at Laramie River Ranch. Rustic, 100% Original Western Menu If there’s one thing which this dude ranch knows for sure, it’s that guests tend to develop healthy appetites. To ensure that you enjoy every aspect, the dude ranch offers informal, western meals served family style. Starting from ranch baked breads to authentic cowboy desserts, your palate will enjoy every morsel entering your mouth. Complementing the food is beautiful views of the nearby Rawah Peaks and Laramie River. Fun Activities for Families, Couples and Singles There’s no end to the fun and excitement offered at the ranch. In addition to horseback riding and hiking, you can take part in many guided activities such as wild flower walks, bird watching, stargazing, and casting animal tracks. You can also pick up a few ranch-related tricks such as grooming and saddling your horse or roping. If you’re the kind of person who goes with the flow, do so literally at the Laramie River. You can float down the river via innertube before reaching the lodge. However, if you’d rather stay wet and indoors, you’re welcome to take a dip in the hot tub.

Laramie River Ranch

Special Program for Children

Laramie River Ranch offers three programs for children: Toddlers and Infants, Kids Under Six, and Kids Six and Over. Through the first program, babysitters will take care of your toddlers while creating programs around your schedule. For those under six, counselors will arrange for children to take part in adventures such as pony rides, swimming in a great hole, and hay rides. Finally, kids over six can participate in the riding program to explore the valley’s ecosystem. They’re also welcome to guided rides, tubing, fishing, and bonfires among age-appropriate activities

Entertainment Options Indoors

To make evenings fun at the ranch, live musical entertainment is offered. From cowboy poetry to fiddle players and all the way to cowboys with guitars, rest assured that no minute is boring. You can even join other guests and the crew while square dancing, regardless of having two left feet.

Exciting Rodeo Show

By staying at this dude ranch, you can easily take part in the area’s popular rodeo show. Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo (July 17-26, 2015) is the daddy of all rodeos, dating all the way to 1872. The event includes numerous shows such as steer wrestling, bareback bronc and team roping. The rodeo also features historical attractions like the Indian Village and the Old West Museum.

Laramie River Ranch

Action-Packed Cattle Drives

What’s a cowboy without cattle? Laramie River Ranch offers you the chance to be part of its bi-weekly cattle gathering and “team pen” activities. You can even participate in moving the cows and calves of neighboring ranches during spring or fall, but you should call ahead for dates.

Laramie River Ranch

The Bottom Line

Promising visitors the real deal, Laramie River Ranch promises to make your visit to Colorado a memorable one. For a minimum of $956 for three nights (Sun-Wed), you can enjoy all the ranch’s offerings and even tag your family along for a fun-filled holiday. To learn more about the ranch, direct your URL to http://www.lrranch.com/.

RanchSeeker’s Photo of the Week: Rancho Los Baños Adventure Guest Ranch

4/1/2015 8:30:23 AM

Are you looking for adventure on your next vacation? Why not consider Rancho Los Baños Adventure Guest Ranch, a genuine Mexican cattle ranch and wilderness preserve located a mere 55 miles south from the southeast Arizona town of Douglas. With over 30, 000 acres, exotic scenery and otherworldly landscapes you will be reminded of a National Park.

Adventure Guest Ranch
Rancho Los Baños Adventure Guest Ranch

Adventurous activities are abundant at this guest ranch. Enjoy stunning landscapes, scenery and wilderness while horseback riding through unspoiled lands or spend the day hiking through box canyons in the Canyonlands. There are also wonderful opportunities for bird-watching and wildlife viewing. Kayaking, mountain biking, 4X4 jeep excursions and stargazing are just some of the many activities to choose from or just kick back, relax and enjoy the complete peace, serenity and tranquility at the ranch. Connected to the natural world instead of the wired world this ranch is a great way to disconnect and re-connect with loved ones. Accommodations have been built and designed for sleeping comfortably, with each room, cabin and tent offering privacy, space and tranquility. Your days will be spent mostly outdoors making new friends and new memories and admiring a spectacular star-filled night sky that you never get to experience in the city. Rancho Los Baños Adventure Guest Ranch is the ideal place for avid nature lovers because of its varied and diverse habitats that include lake, river, mountain, high desert, box canyon and riparian ecosystems. With its close proximity to the United States, getting to the ranch is as simple as 123.So book your next guest ranch vacation here and experience an exciting, fun-filled, relaxing, memorable time. And last but not least enjoy Mexican hospitality and food that is second to none! Happy Trails!

Now Is The Time To Visit a BC Ranch

3/24/2015 1:53:12 PM

British Columbia Ranch Vacations

If your idea of a perfect vacation involves fun-filled adventures that will provide you and your loved ones with everlasting memories then you should consider visiting some of the most captivating British Columbia Ranches which promise a vacation of a lifetime. British Columbia boasts beautiful flora and fauna with majestic mountain ranges in a pristine and invigorating setting perfectly suited for rustic and luxurious dude ranch vacations. Not only will you savour every moment of the time that you spend at a BC ranch, but you will want to return again.

Big Bar Guest Ranch
Wide open spaces at Big Bar Guest Ranch

Right Now There is No Better Time for US Travellers to Book a Ranch Vacation

A ranch vacation is something that everyone should enjoy at least once in their lifetime. With the Canadian dollar worth approximately 20% less than the US dollar there is no time like the present to book or pre-book a ranch vacation at a British Columbia ranch. Think of it as a 20% discount and act now before exchange rates change. Start planning your future memories now!!

Pick a Ranch, any Ranch

Chilcotin Holidays

Experience nature like never before at this 4-season wilderness guest ranch. Chilcotin Holidays designs custom wilderness experiences that allow you to connect with nature in a meaningful, life changing way. Explore over 5,000 sq-km of the pristine South Chilcotin Mountain Park with their licensed guides and sure-foot Cayuse Horses (suitable for novice to advanced riders). They provide guest ranch stays, wilderness guide training, wildlife viewing, and pack-horse, fly-fishing, mountain biking, and alpine hiking trips.    

BC Ranch
Chilcotin Holidays pack Trip

Crystal Waters Guest Ranch

At Crystal Waters Guest Ranch, which is located in British Columbia’s Cariboo Chilcotin region, you will find horseback riding, hiking, biking, ranching and fishing holidays as well as many other activities. Boasting pristine lakes, rolling meadows, wetlands and deep forests you are sure to enjoy your time at this guest ranch. Experience a real working ranch experience that features Ranch style meals, log cabins and the finest horseback riding and fishing in North America.

Crystal Waters Ranch

Echo Valley Ranch & Spa

Echo Valley Ranch is a luxury ranch that is unique in two different ways. Firstly, it’s one of the few ranches which also has two world class spas on site with each offering treatments from different areas of the globe. Secondly, it has a Thai inspired element including buildings designed by a famous Thai architect. It’s the only guest ranch of its kind. If you are seeking a different type of spectacular western adventure, a superb sanctuary of first class accommodations, healthy gourmet food and world class spa treatments then Echo Valley Ranch is for you. “Echo Valley Ranch is a delightful contradiction. It’s unnaturally natural, yet quietly luxurious.”

Echo Valley Ranch & Spa

Free Rein Guest Ranch

Free Rein Guest Ranch offers an intimate family feel, truly providing a home away from home during your Canadian adventure in Super Natural British Columbia. This guest ranch vacation offers a hands on ranch experience and gets you involved in daily ranch life. So if you're looking for some serious saddle time and love being off the grid with horses then this is the guest ranch experience for you. With home cooked food and lakeside log cabin or guest lodge accommodation you are sure to feel at home. Enjoy swimming in a lake, kayaking, canoeing, mountain biking, overnight camping and guided hikes.

Free Rein Guest Ranch

Sundance Guest Ranch

Just a 4-hour drive away from Vancouver, Sundance Guest Ranch is the ultimate place for all different types of vacations. Whether you're looking for a horseback riding holiday, a family vacation where even the kids will have fun, or someplace new to really get away from it all, you've found it. The packages at Sundance Guest Ranch are designed to be all inclusive. Each package covers food and accommodation along with all the varied activities offered by the ranch. You can enjoy up to 5 hours of riding every day during your stay at the Sundance Guest Ranch. With a panoramic scenic view, the Sundance Guest Ranch is the sunniest and the warmest place in Canada.

Sundance Guest Ranch

Three Bars Ranch

Three Bars Ranch has been voted as the number 1 Canadian ranch and for good reason. This guest ranch is the perfect destination for anyone who wants to enjoy the breathtaking, scenic view of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Located just south of Banff, in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, Three Bars specializes in 3 – 6 night all inclusive riding and non- riding packages. Packages including upscale log cabin accommodations, all meals, unlimited horseback riding, rafting, hiking, fly fishing, mountain biking, 4x4 UTV tours, archery, skeet shooting cook-outs, a full evening program and all ranch activities and amenities. It’s time to find the cowboy in you, make your next vacation a ranch vacation.

Three Bars Ranch

Tod Mountain Ranch

Hidden in the Louis Creek Valley, surrounded by mountains, Tod Mountain Ranch is small and exclusive which provides a relaxing, tranquil environment to enjoy a unique, all inclusive horseback riding vacation. A short drive from Kamloops and an easy 4 hours’ drive from Vancouver, this is the perfect mid-way stop on your Western Canada road trip between Vancouver and Banff or Jasper. Whether you’re travelling alone, with a partner or a group of friends, Tod Mountain Ranch offers an exceptional experience with horses, complemented with stunning views, great food, like-minded company and a peaceful, calm environment to relax and unwind.

Tod Mountain Guest Ranch

So saddle up cowboys and cowgirls for your next big adventure as a guest at one of these super, natural, British Columbian guest ranches and take advantage of the current 20% drop in the Canadian dollar against the US.  By booking now you can lock-in a fantastic guest ranch experience at an accessible price to suit every budget.

RanchSeeker Photo of the Week: Flying E Dude Ranch

3/24/2015 10:00:01 AM

Flying E Dude Ranch is located 4 miles west of Wickenburg, near the famous Vulture Peak rock formation and home of the historic Vulture Gold Mine. It is known as “the riding ranch” where the past meets the present and long-time ranch traditions are carried on by your hosts Andrea and Steve Taylor.

Arizona Dude Ranch

Winter-time is the ideal time to visit this Arizona dude ranch. With warm and dry days and cool and refreshing nights this make it the perfect location to escape the snow and freezing temperatures. While visiting the dude ranch you enjoy scenic horseback rides on the 20,000 acres of rolling hills or hike up Vulture Peak and do some bird watching or simply relax by the pool. There are many fun activities to do at the ranch but you could also visit the Grand Canyon which is only a four hour drive or check out scenic Sedona and red rock country which takes 2 hours. Fying E Dude Ranch provides you with comfortable, western guest rooms for your dude ranch vacation that include wet bars, refrigerators, private baths, twin or king-size beds, along with electric heat and air conditioning. Meals are served up family-style in the dining room and there is a saloon where adults can enjoy BYOB Happy Hour and appetizers before chow time. Whether you choose to ride, help out on the ranch, see the sights, or just kick back and allow the magic of the desert to relax and inspire you, Flying E Ranch promises an original western ranch experience! Happy Trails!

RanchSeeker Photo of the Week! Bar 10 Ranch

3/18/2015 9:57:36 AM

Have you ever wanted to see the Grand Canyon but hate the idea that there will be tons of people there too? Here’s your chance to experience the canyon without the crowds by visiting the Bar 10 Ranch located on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. The Heaton family has been hosting guests at their guest ranch for decades providing overnight stays and numerous ranch activities.

  Arizona Guest Ranch  

At the Bar 10 Ranch there are lots of fun activities for everyone in your group. You can sign-up for a thrilling white-water adventure, rafting trip or take a one-of-a-kind helicopter tour and take in the grandeur of the Grand Canyon. If you feel like simply relaxing you can enjoy the “Grand” views from a secluded area while appreciating the country atmosphere and western hospitality of your hosts. If you are up for more adventure then climb onto an ATV which lets you explore the rugged beauty of America's preeminent gorge or you can take in the scenery atop a horse and experience the true Old West by horseback riding through miles of scenic vistas. There’s also skeet shooting, hiking and evening entertainment to keep your days as active as you want them to be while on your guest ranch vacation. So what are you waiting for? Book your guest ranch vacation at the  Bar 10 Ranch and enjoy the grandeur, the mystery, and the Old West flavor of the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River on the fabled Arizona Strip. Happy Trails!

More Spring Dude Ranch Vacation Specials

3/16/2015 11:26:34 AM

If you are searching for the ultimate last minute spring special deal for a dude ranch vacation you will find it here. I am sure that these exciting deals will make you think about packing your bags tomorrow.  Here is a closer look at another list of spring specials at a number of great dude ranches.

1. Laughing Water Ranch

North West Montana is one of the most welcoming places to spend your spring holidays and  even better with Laughing Water Ranch as your host. Located at the foothills of the Whitefish Divide, just a few miles away from Glacier National Park, it is the perfect destination for anyone seeking an extraordinary experience. The beautiful trails expand over 220 acres so you have plenty of scenic views to enjoy. Laughing Water Ranch offers 10% off for families of  5 or more.

Laughing Water Ranch

Laughing Water Ranch opens its doors after winter with a slew of events. The festivities start on May 10th with Cattle Drive Week. It’s less about cattle and more about a close-to nature experience. From May 10th to May 16th, head out onto the range and help bring in the cows from the hills for 3 days and 2 nights. Accommodations are in cabin tents with campfire cooking and old fashioned story-telling.

Cattle Drive

Next is Ladies Week, starting on May 17, just as the Cattle Drive Week ends. Bring your ‘besties’ and enjoy a whole week of awesome food, unlimited horseback riding and a multitude of exciting activities from May 17th to 23rd. Perfect for a stagette or birthday. Also remember there are NO calories on vacation. Wink Wink! If you need to rebuild your riding confidence, then Riders Confidence Week is for you. It is scheduled for May 24th - 30th where they will will help you regain your confidence in a secure, private environment with the help of expert wranglers. In July, Wild West Week begins. This week is filled with all things wild and western including, but not limited to cowboy action shooting, mule packing, gold panning, roping lessons and an exclusive treasure hunt. Additionally there is an extra day for a trip to the Professional Rodeo on Saturday night.

2. Bar W Ranch

The Bar W Cattle drive was designed to give guests the “best of all cattle drives”. It’s not an ordinary Cattle Drive at Bar W Ranch; it’s a learning experience that begins with horsemanship lessons to gathering up the cattle, sorting branding and more. The trip covers more than 50,000 acres, so perfect for avid riders. Every guest also gets a free raffle ticket to The Dude Ranchers’ Association Educational Trust Scholarship Fund Raffle where they have a chance to win a 2 week stay at Bar W Ranch. The Spring Cattle Drive starts June 6, 2015. Reserve your spot now!

Bar W Ranch Cattle Drive

3. Sugar & Spice Ranch

Thinking of a mother-daughter holiday this spring? Sugar and Spice has got you covered with this special package. During the spring break, you can enjoy the complementary rates of $2,199. This price is inclusive of all meals, equipment, riding, evening activities, deluxe amenities and lodging. Other packages include special weeks like WOW (Women Only Weekends) where you can enjoy the same facilities at $530 per person.

Sugar & Spice Ranch

4. Lone Mountain Ranch

In the list of all the amazing packages, Lone Mountain Ranch is last but not least. The spring special package includes a 4-night and 3-day stay including 3 day tickets to Big Sky Resort and transportation. All meals are included as well as their sleigh ride dinner. The offer is valid for new reservations during March and April. Price $1620 per person. For anyone who wants a hassle free vacation, this is the choice for you.

Lone Mountain Sleigh Ride

Upcoming Spring Dude Ranch Vacation Specials

3/9/2015 12:20:50 PM

Still “just” thinking about going on that vacation you have been dreaming about forever? Maybe, this spring is the time for you to finally enjoy that trip. With all these amazing package deals you have a wide selection of vacations at a discount. Here are 3 of the top dude ranch vacation deals available this Spring:

Echo Valley Ranch

If you want to make the upcoming Easter a sweet treat for yourself and your loved ones, Echo Valley Ranch is the place to be. The Echo Valley Ranch Easter special features a holiday designed for your family. Kids can enjoy arts and crafts activities, meet the animals a trip to the Echo Valley’s zoo, partake in a fun-filled egg hunt on Easter Sunday and much more under the supervision of people you can trust.

Easter Family Special

To provide an exceptional and relaxing experience, Echo Valley Ranch offers an ultramodern spa with top-notch amenities. If you are an outdoor person, there are natural panoramic views of the amazing scenery of British Columbia’s Cariboo Region for you to wallow in and enjoy. You can also enjoy exploring the nearby area by hiking on the many varied, beautiful nature trails or go horseback riding.

Echo Valley Ranch & Spa

British Columbia ranches offer everything you need for a magical escape for the nature lover. It is time for you to say goodbye to your routine for a few days and indulge yourself in the luxury of some well- deserved fun and relaxation

Marble Mountain Ranch

If you want something more than a a typical spring holiday at a dude ranch, Marble Mountain Ranch is the perfect holiday destination for you. Marble Mountain Ranch offers a wide range of activities included in their Easter all-inclusive package. The Easter package includes two new events along with American Competitive Trail Horse Competitions. Do you have your own horse? Marble Mountain Ranch will also allow the public to bring their own horses during this time. Keep in mind, these are the only two weeks where you get such an opportunity, so don’t miss out on it.

Marble Mountain Ranch

They have a special collaborative program with ACTHA (American Competitive Trail Horse Association). The competition hosts two rides, with competitions and fun trail courses. These include: * CTC (on Saturday, 23rd May 2015) * Arena Obstacle Course, AOC (on Sunday, 24th March 2015) For guests who would like to extend the trip, there are other programs to enjoy the week before the event from May 18 to May 24, 2015. The extended week will allow you to delve into the ranch completely, forgetting there is a world outside it. Ride on your own horse or one at the ranch; it’s all up to you. At Marble Mountain you can experience multiple exciting programs at a reasonable price. If you can’t make it to Marble Mountain this Spring, there is another session planned for Fall. Extended week for the Fall session begins from Sept. 7 to Sept. 13, 2015 and ACTHA Rides will be happening on September 12 & 13, 2015, respectively. Your stay at the ranch will include adventure filled activities such as trail rides and competition, fishing, shooting, cooking with one of the executive chefs and training for all the activities.

Coffee Creek Ranch

Encircled by the National Forest and adjacent to the Trinity Alps Wilderness Area in Northern California, Coffee Creek Ranch is the spot where you should be spending your seasonal vacations. What makes this place different from all other ranches is its unique location where you can experience forests, mountains and water in a meandering stream excellent for fishing The spring special at Coffee Creek Ranch offers a week long holiday package from March 28 till April 10 at just $995 for adults and children above six years of age.

Coffee Creek Ranch

At Coffee Creek Ranch, you can enjoy a lot more than just a horseback riding experience, you can also try trap shooting, archery, hiking, horseshoes, indoor and table games, river rafting and more. The exclusive amenities provided by the ranch to all the guests include, but is not limited to a world class spa,  baby-sitting service,  bicycles and high speed internet.

Lone Mountain Ranch Duck Recipe

3/5/2015 4:58:20 PM

Are you looking to have friends or family over for an upcoming dinner party? This duck recipe is the perfect dish for a crisp, cool evenings and is sure to be a crowd pleaser! We know because our guests love it when it's on our menu at the ranch. You will impress everyone with your cooking skills with this beautiful gourmet dish. Lone Mountain Ranch is located only 20 miles from the Northwest Corner of Yellowstone National Park, America’s first playground. During both summer and winter seasons, this Montana dude ranch offers a variety of opportunities to explore and discover this memorable National Park. Lone Mountain Guest Ranch hosts guests for 4 to 7 nights, offering an all-inclusive package with meals, accommodations in a cozy cabin or the Ridgetop Lodge and numerous activities in both winter and summer seasons. The cuisine at Lone Mountain Guest Ranch is inspired by the bounty of the Northwestern Rockies and takes advantage of locally produced offerings when possible. Directions:

  1. Break down whole duck. Take breast and score, set aside.
  2. Duck Rillettes – take duck leg and confit in duck fat for 4 hours with 2 sprigs of thyme and 1 clove of garlic. Pull from oven and cool. Remove skin from leg, and meat from leg. Take leg meat and chilled fat and roll into balls. Bread with classic flour, egg, bread crumb technique.
  3. Crispy Duck Skin – Take skin from legs and deep fry for 45 seconds at 350 degrees
  4. Foie Gras – take 2 oz foie gras and sear in nonstick pan with NO OIL. Set aside and rest
  5. Cassoulet – take 2 duck breast prosciutto, sweat down with 1 finely diced leek, 2 stalks of finely diced celery, and 1 carrot finely diced. Add in 1 quart fully cooked white beans, ½ quart chicken stock and simmer for 10 minutes.
  6. Huckleberry Balsamic Gastrique – 1 cup fresh huckleberries, 1 cup balsamic vinegar, ½ cup sugar. Bring to boil, and simmer for 15 minutes. Puree in blender, push through a fine mesh sieve, and cool.

Lone Mountain Ranch Duck


Bar W Guest Ranch

2/24/2015 1:38:15 PM

Bar W Guest Ranch – A Western Vacation for the Whole Family

If you want to slip away from the hustle and bustle of the city and into the rolling ridges of the countryside, Bar W Guest Ranch is where you should be. Stretched on 3,000 acres on Spencer Lake in Whitefish, Montana, the ranch is open all year round to extend true western hospitality to all its guests, be it through its accommodation options or variety of activities. So whether you’re planning your upcoming winter vacation or your summer holidays next year, read on to find out why Bar W is where you should be.

Bar W Guest Ranch

A Look at the Past of Bar W Guest Ranch

Before it evolved into a dude ranch, Bar W was the sanctuary of a father who wanted to escape the chaos of his workplace. Former world-class skier and outdoorsman Dave Leishman moved permanently to Montana with his wife Jan and his daughters Meghan and Emily after falling in love with the western way of life. Previously, he and his girls would visit a ranch in Northwest Montana where they would ride, work, interact with interesting people, and enjoy the rodeo experience. However, short holidays weren’t enough, which is when he decided to partner with Double D Guest Ranch’s owner Phil Dukes to buy his own.

Bar W Guest Ranch

Why It’s Time that You Drop By Bar W

Under Dave’s and Phil’s leadership, Bar W Guest Ranch received numerous accolades, including the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence in 2014, Signature Ranch Best of Horseback Riding in 2012 and 2013, and Signature Ranch Best Dining 2012. These alone make the dude ranch worth exploring, but here are more reasons that truly make it stand out.

Dogs Welcomed – Bar W Guest Ranch truly is for the whole family, including members on all four feet. While you can’t keep them inside the lodge or cabin, they’ll be comfortably placed in stalls in the barn and provided with relaxing beds, shavings and water. Just remember to have your pet on a leash while roaming the ranch.

Best Horse Riding Experience in Montana – Dave and his girls hardly knew how to ride when they visited their first dude ranch. However, they’ve come a long way and use their experience to help their guests. As a horse-oriented ranch, Bar W offers an advanced and diversified equestrian program and boasts the best trainers in the area. You can explore the mountainous beauty of Montana, especially the peaks of the Stryker Range, meadows of Swisher Lake, and open prairie of the Blackfeet Indian Reservation.

Horseback Riding at Bar W Guest Ranch

  A Wide Variety of Activities – If your idea of a vacation entails a lot of action, this is where you should be. The ranch provides a range of activities, including hiking, mountain biking, skeet shooting, fishing at Spencer Lake or Trout Pond, archery, wagon rides, and steer wrestling. Guests can also take part in the rodeo, which features barrel racing and pole bending along with other activities.

Bar W Ranch Rodeo

Three Types of Lodging – Bar W offers three accommodation options to suit different needs: traditional western lodge, rustic cabin suites, and unique Glamping tents. The main lodge features six rooms, three common spaces, and a game parlor. In addition to promising comfort, the lodge overlooks the horse pasture and allows you to enjoy the wildlife making its way through the wetlands around Spencer Lake. As for the cabin, it was designed by Montana’s skilled Amish to overlook the pasture and surrounding forest. There are two suites you can choose from, both of which boast hand-crafted log furniture and a rustic design. Finally, the Glamping (GLAMorous camPING) tents allow you to enjoy an informal western feel without compromising on luxury. With each tent, you get a queen size bed, futon, kitchenette and private porch. However, the tents are only available between May 1st and October 31st.

Glamping at Bar W Guest Ranch

Indoor Evening Entertainment – The 60x100 indoor arena is used to improve riders’ skills or train the horses. However, it’s also where you can get together with everyone to enjoy live band music, dancing and an ol’ fashioned hoe-down. You can even book the arena for a wedding, company party or reunion during your vacation.

All Year Round Activities – Unlike most dude ranches, this Montana gem is open all year-round. So even if you can’t make it in summer, you’re welcome to enjoy the different activities offered in winter, including snowshoeing or hiking the ridge near Spencer Lake, dog sledding, ice fishing, pigeon shooting, and sleigh ride dinners. You can also relax in the peaceful surrounding in a nice hot tub on the ranch or at one of the nearby day spas. winter dude ranch

Numerous Events Around the Area – Whitefish offers its visitors a wide range of events, including the Winter Stroll along Main Street and the Winter Carnival to crown the Royalty. To ensure that you don’t miss out on these, the ranch’s website details monthly Whitefish events.

Different Package for Different People – Bar W offers a variety of packages, including CowGirl-Up, Western Cattle Drives, Adults Only Week, and Photography Week. During off-peak months, the least you can expect to pay is $75 + tax per night for only your room. However, rest assured that you get more than your money’s worth at the ranch by going for a more comprehensive package.

The Bottom Line

Overall, Bar W Guest Ranch has a lot to offer, especially if you and your family enjoy horseback riding. So don’t miss your chance to indulge in an authentic cowboy lifestyle while enjoying a little luxury on the side.

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