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Lone Mountain Ranch Duck Recipe

3/5/2015 4:58:20 PM

Are you looking to have friends or family over for an upcoming dinner party? This duck recipe is the perfect dish for a crisp, cool evenings and is sure to be a crowd pleaser! We know because our guests love it when it's on our menu at the ranch. You will impress everyone with your cooking skills with this beautiful gourmet dish. Lone Mountain Ranch is located only 20 miles from the Northwest Corner of Yellowstone National Park, America’s first playground. During both summer and winter seasons, this Montana dude ranch offers a variety of opportunities to explore and discover this memorable National Park. Lone Mountain Guest Ranch hosts guests for 4 to 7 nights, offering an all-inclusive package with meals, accommodations in a cozy cabin or the Ridgetop Lodge and numerous activities in both winter and summer seasons. The cuisine at Lone Mountain Guest Ranch is inspired by the bounty of the Northwestern Rockies and takes advantage of locally produced offerings when possible. Directions:

  1. Break down whole duck. Take breast and score, set aside.
  2. Duck Rillettes – take duck leg and confit in duck fat for 4 hours with 2 sprigs of thyme and 1 clove of garlic. Pull from oven and cool. Remove skin from leg, and meat from leg. Take leg meat and chilled fat and roll into balls. Bread with classic flour, egg, bread crumb technique.
  3. Crispy Duck Skin – Take skin from legs and deep fry for 45 seconds at 350 degrees
  4. Foie Gras – take 2 oz foie gras and sear in nonstick pan with NO OIL. Set aside and rest
  5. Cassoulet – take 2 duck breast prosciutto, sweat down with 1 finely diced leek, 2 stalks of finely diced celery, and 1 carrot finely diced. Add in 1 quart fully cooked white beans, ½ quart chicken stock and simmer for 10 minutes.
  6. Huckleberry Balsamic Gastrique – 1 cup fresh huckleberries, 1 cup balsamic vinegar, ½ cup sugar. Bring to boil, and simmer for 15 minutes. Puree in blender, push through a fine mesh sieve, and cool.

Lone Mountain Ranch Duck


Bar W Guest Ranch

2/24/2015 1:38:15 PM

Bar W Guest Ranch – A Western Vacation for the Whole Family

If you want to slip away from the hustle and bustle of the city and into the rolling ridges of the countryside, Bar W Guest Ranch is where you should be. Stretched on 3,000 acres on Spencer Lake in Whitefish, Montana, the ranch is open all year round to extend true western hospitality to all its guests, be it through its accommodation options or variety of activities. So whether you’re planning your upcoming winter vacation or your summer holidays next year, read on to find out why Bar W is where you should be.

Bar W Guest Ranch

A Look at the Past of Bar W Guest Ranch

Before it evolved into a dude ranch, Bar W was the sanctuary of a father who wanted to escape the chaos of his workplace. Former world-class skier and outdoorsman Dave Leishman moved permanently to Montana with his wife Jan and his daughters Meghan and Emily after falling in love with the western way of life. Previously, he and his girls would visit a ranch in Northwest Montana where they would ride, work, interact with interesting people, and enjoy the rodeo experience. However, short holidays weren’t enough, which is when he decided to partner with Double D Guest Ranch’s owner Phil Dukes to buy his own.

Bar W Guest Ranch

Why It’s Time that You Drop By Bar W

Under Dave’s and Phil’s leadership, Bar W Guest Ranch received numerous accolades, including the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence in 2014, Signature Ranch Best of Horseback Riding in 2012 and 2013, and Signature Ranch Best Dining 2012. These alone make the dude ranch worth exploring, but here are more reasons that truly make it stand out.

Dogs Welcomed – Bar W Guest Ranch truly is for the whole family, including members on all four feet. While you can’t keep them inside the lodge or cabin, they’ll be comfortably placed in stalls in the barn and provided with relaxing beds, shavings and water. Just remember to have your pet on a leash while roaming the ranch.

Best Horse Riding Experience in Montana – Dave and his girls hardly knew how to ride when they visited their first dude ranch. However, they’ve come a long way and use their experience to help their guests. As a horse-oriented ranch, Bar W offers an advanced and diversified equestrian program and boasts the best trainers in the area. You can explore the mountainous beauty of Montana, especially the peaks of the Stryker Range, meadows of Swisher Lake, and open prairie of the Blackfeet Indian Reservation.

Horseback Riding at Bar W Guest Ranch

  A Wide Variety of Activities – If your idea of a vacation entails a lot of action, this is where you should be. The ranch provides a range of activities, including hiking, mountain biking, skeet shooting, fishing at Spencer Lake or Trout Pond, archery, wagon rides, and steer wrestling. Guests can also take part in the rodeo, which features barrel racing and pole bending along with other activities.

Bar W Ranch Rodeo

Three Types of Lodging – Bar W offers three accommodation options to suit different needs: traditional western lodge, rustic cabin suites, and unique Glamping tents. The main lodge features six rooms, three common spaces, and a game parlor. In addition to promising comfort, the lodge overlooks the horse pasture and allows you to enjoy the wildlife making its way through the wetlands around Spencer Lake. As for the cabin, it was designed by Montana’s skilled Amish to overlook the pasture and surrounding forest. There are two suites you can choose from, both of which boast hand-crafted log furniture and a rustic design. Finally, the Glamping (GLAMorous camPING) tents allow you to enjoy an informal western feel without compromising on luxury. With each tent, you get a queen size bed, futon, kitchenette and private porch. However, the tents are only available between May 1st and October 31st.

Glamping at Bar W Guest Ranch

Indoor Evening Entertainment – The 60x100 indoor arena is used to improve riders’ skills or train the horses. However, it’s also where you can get together with everyone to enjoy live band music, dancing and an ol’ fashioned hoe-down. You can even book the arena for a wedding, company party or reunion during your vacation.

All Year Round Activities – Unlike most dude ranches, this Montana gem is open all year-round. So even if you can’t make it in summer, you’re welcome to enjoy the different activities offered in winter, including snowshoeing or hiking the ridge near Spencer Lake, dog sledding, ice fishing, pigeon shooting, and sleigh ride dinners. You can also relax in the peaceful surrounding in a nice hot tub on the ranch or at one of the nearby day spas. winter dude ranch

Numerous Events Around the Area – Whitefish offers its visitors a wide range of events, including the Winter Stroll along Main Street and the Winter Carnival to crown the Royalty. To ensure that you don’t miss out on these, the ranch’s website details monthly Whitefish events.

Different Package for Different People – Bar W offers a variety of packages, including CowGirl-Up, Western Cattle Drives, Adults Only Week, and Photography Week. During off-peak months, the least you can expect to pay is $75 + tax per night for only your room. However, rest assured that you get more than your money’s worth at the ranch by going for a more comprehensive package.

The Bottom Line

Overall, Bar W Guest Ranch has a lot to offer, especially if you and your family enjoy horseback riding. So don’t miss your chance to indulge in an authentic cowboy lifestyle while enjoying a little luxury on the side.

Valentine's Day Specials

2/10/2015 1:52:00 PM

A long held tradition, Valentine’s Day really needs no special introduction. The day has become annual holiday of sorts, making chocolates, the color red and roses, among the most common things one expects on this day. Hailing from the 18th Century, this special occasion has become one of the most celebrated days. Every year, millions of loving couples get together to express their love for each other in romantic ways.

Valentine's Day

The holiday has become so widespread that many businesses have started marketing special Valentine’s Day offerings which help make this day an extra bit special for all the couples out there. If you are wondering where to take your special someone, then the following Valentine’s Day Specials are definitely for you:

A Valentine’s Day Getaway

Valentine’s Day is all about grand gestures and getting away from the ordinary routine of your life. A lot of the time, busy couples in love are just looking to recapture the magic and idealistic aura of their romance. If you and your partner are facing the same dilemma, then plan a special Valentine’s weekend getaway. Spend some time with your lover in a romantic getaway with the help of a Valentine’s Day special offer through Chilcotin Holidays. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, couples can book a log cabin which not only embodies a special rustic aura but also gives you everything else you could need to make your day extraordinary. The Valentine’s package offers:

  • A 3-day stay in a Honeymoon Cabin
  • A complimentary fruit and wine basket
  • Wilderness trails for hiking and a tour guide
  • Horseback riding, skiing and snowshoeing
All these services and more will definitely give you the perfect weekend getaway for this Valentine’s Day. So, don’t be boring and express your love by pulling out all the stops.

If horse riding and trekking is not your cup of tea, then how about heading to The Ranch at Rock Creek. This lovely, picturesque ranch offers couples special Valentine’s treats. Their package offers:

  • Skiing
  • Snowshoeing
  • Snowmobiling
  • Sleigh rides
  • Ice skating and more fun activites.

A Valentine’s Day Dinner

A Valentine’s Day dinner is a traditional part of any Valentine’s Day celebration and it’s important to put a little extra flair into it. However, how about skipping on making a home-cooked meal and going out to a special Valentine’s Day dinner? With so many Valentine’s Day Specials, you might be tempted to look around but why not try the annual Aphrodisiac wine-pairing dinner at the Red Reflet Guest Ranch this time around? The menu is comprised of 5 heavenly courses, featuring hors d’eouvres, beginnings, Intermezzo, Entrée and a dessert. Every dish in the menu is made from ingredients which are considered aphrodisiacs and each course is paired with a wine which highlights all the flavor profiles and the wonderful ingredients. You also have the freedom to choose from a pre-set menu so surprise your special someone with this wonderful Valentine’s Day Special.

A Valentine Adventure

Not every Valentine’s Day has to be about the usual lovey dovey stuff. The best part about Valentine’s Day is getting to spend the day with your special someone but you can also make sure you spend a memorable day together. After all, life is all about making enjoyable memories together. For adventurous couples who are always looking to try new things, this Valentine’s Day special can be just the thing. The Vista Verde Ranch offers trekking, horse riding, snow trekking and other outdoor activities in picturesque surroundings. Moreover, the ranch has a luxurious chateau located in the middle of the wilderness with quality wining and dining options available. Whether you want to trek around, have a custom adventure or just want to enjoy the woods, you can easily do so with the help of the Vista Verde Ranch package. Moreover, the best part about the ranch is that you really get to enjoy all-inclusive services which offer great value. It is Valentine’s Day paradise on a budget!

With the help of the Valentine’s Day specials mentioned above, you can easily make your Valentine’s Day special when you are going out with your special someone.

Rancho Los Baños Adventure Guest Ranch

2/5/2015 6:26:14 PM

Mexico’s Unique Adventure Guest Ranch

Winner of TripAdvisor’s Certificate Excellence four years in a row since 2011, Rancho Los Baños (Ranch of the Springs) is a beautiful home away from home in northeast Sonora, Mexico. From its unique location at the foot of the Sierra Madre, a.k.a. the Mexican Rockies, this adventure guest ranch and cattle ranch boasts views of the desert landscape and the protected wilderness. Complementing these is the range of activities encompassed in Tierra Chamahua Eco Adventures, which is a unique concept that combines relaxation and thrills.

Rancho Los Banos

If you’re planning a vacation between August 10th and May 10th, read on to find out why Rancho Los Baños Adventure Guest Ranch is where you should be.

La Historia de Rancho Los Baños

Thousands of years ago, an ancient nomadic group resided within the boxed canyons of the ranch. Though their story is yet to be uncovered, they have left imprints on cave walls to share their life and culture. To honor their presence, the Valenzuela family which took over the land made Opata, a prominent petroglyph of the wing people, the ranch’s logo. Originally from Andalucía, Spain, the Valenzuelas decided to settle in the area and operate the ranch since the 1950s. After three generations, they are still dedicated to protecting the area’s wildlife and preserving its natural beauty. The latest generation has been raised and educated in the U.S., but it still calls Barcelona, Spain home. Bilingual and bicultural, the owners have given up careers in human resources, business management, education and the law to manage the ranch and carry out their families’ legacy. Complemented by a team of vaqueros, wranglers and guests and hosts from Europe, Canada, South America and the U.S., the owners of Rancho Los Baños Adventure Guest Ranch promise each visitor a unique experience that will bring them every year.

What to Expect at the Adventure Guest Ranch

If you’re planning to visit Mexico soon, you should add Rancho Los Baños Adventure Guest Ranch to your must-visit list. The dude ranch is at the crossroads of the Chihuahua and Sonora deserts, allowing guests to enjoy the natural beauty of the area and spot wonderful wildlife such as ring-tail foxes, coyotes, white-tail coues deer, and jaguars. In addition to being a sight for city slickers’ sore eyes, the ranch offers numerous perks including:

Range of Adventures – If you want your vacation to be more than an opportunity to relax, you can take your pick from a range of activities on and around the ranch. For instance, you can hike through El Cajon to enjoy a mental, physical and spiritual exercise, especially while exploring the 2,000 year-old pictographs and dwellings of the ancient Native Americans previously residing in the area. You can also stop by the Hanging Gardens to visit the whirlpools, waterfalls and rock slides that give the ranch its name. Other adrenaline-pumping activities you can opt for are horseback riding, jeep tours, mountain biking, stargazing, kayaking, and nighttime wildlife safaris.

Multiple Relaxation Opportunities – One of the top ranches in the world, Rancho Los Baños offers guests multiple opportunities to relax and beat stress. One of the popular relaxation methods is porching, which is enjoying the view from El Cumaral Lodge’s wrap-around porch. You can play games, read, chat or simply watch the sun rise or disappear from the porch.

Numerous Accommodation Options with Modern Amenities – The dude ranch offers three types of accommodation through El Cumaral Lodge, the refurbished Cabana de los Vaqueros, and the new Sunrise Room. The lodge has three B&B style rooms, a shared living room and kitchen, a roofed porch, and all the electrical appliances you’ll need. As for the cabin, it includes two rooms and a private bathroom. A more intimate accommodation, it boasts a front porch, western decorations, and easy access to the El Cumaral’s wrap-around porch. Finally, the Sunrise Room ensures privacy to its 2-4 guests while providing a view of the scenic surroundings.

Tempting Specials – For the 2015-2016 season, the ranch offers different packages which you may enjoy. Between October and November, you can stay at the ranch for $1,075 per guest ($975 per guest for double occupancy) for five nights and six days. There’s also a Ladies Special with two or more ladies at $195 per guest per night between October and November. All packages offer value for money through three meals, guided hiking trips, tours, wildlife spotting, lassoing lessons, and much more.

Great, Fun-Filled Events – Rancho Los Baños Adventure Guest Ranch offers numerous special events, such as the Sea to Sierra Adventure, which is set to be between Feb and May then August and November. The event is $2,500 per guest for nine nights and ten days. Other events you may want to attend are the Green Summer at the Rancho, Cowgirls Week, and Mexican Roundup (Corrida).

The Bottom Line

There’s a reason Rancho Los Baños Adventure Guest Ranch is the first choice of vacationers in Mexico. While you’re welcome to take a look at its beautiful pictures at their website but nothing beats checking it out yourself. With rates starting at $185 per night for double occupancy, you will be spending less for a memorable vacation you’ll always remember.

Geronimo Trails Guest Ranch

1/28/2015 12:00:25 PM

Geronimo Trails Guest Ranch – A Centuries Old Refuge for Today’s Man New Mexico was home to the famous Apache warrior Geronimo and the base of his operations during the 1800s. Outlaws like Billy the Kid and Butch Cassidy have equally added to the Black Range Mountains’ heritage, attracting people who later decide to stay after falling in love with the gentle terrain, open meadows, and groups of pines, cedars and junipers. Flaunting both the area’s history and beauty, Geronimo Trails Guest Ranch promises its guests a unique cowboy experience with a hint of Native American culture.

Geronimo Trails Guest Ranch

Exploring Geronimo Trails Guest Ranch Nestled beneath the Ponderosa pines at the top of the Black Range Mountains in New Mexico, this dude ranch offers to cut you off from the hustle and bustle of city life. The nearest stoplight is 85 miles away while phone coverage is 70 miles away. The ranch is also cut off the power grid, generating its electricity through solar arrays and standby generators. However, you won’t miss your busy life while at the ranch. In addition to a wide array of activities, you can enjoy the beauty and history of the area through cliff dwellings and rock wall writings. You’ll also love our stream fed wells, which allow you to experience a unique taste that is bound to bring you back every year. If you seek adventure and excitement at Geronimo Trails Guest Ranch, rest assured that you will get what you want. However, the guest ranch also offers you the chance to unwind at the nearby Riverbend Hot Springs. Located in the Historic Bath House District on the banks of the Rio Grande, the resort provides access to an underground volcanic lake that combines both healing minerals and salts. And in case you’re wondering, you won’t spend too much since the dude ranch will secure you a 10% discount at the resort.

Riverbend Hot Springs

Why Book Your Next Holiday at the Ranch  If you’ve been a fan of cowboys and Indians, you can explore the histories of both through Geronimo Trails Guest Ranch. In addition to getting the chance to hike through beautiful historic trails where the Apache warrior fought for his land, you can enjoy the following features which make the ranch worth visiting.

Flexibility of Deciding Your Schedule – There isn’t a one-plan-fits-all scheme at this dude ranch; simply tell the staff how you intend to spend your day. You can help the crew feed and care for the horses, improve your roping skills, or simply kick back and enjoy the serenity surrounding you.

Riding and Hiking Famous Trails – You can take one of the ranch’s trained horses or wear your hiking boots to explore the unspoiled trails of the area. Follow the trails famous outlaws once sought refuge in and get ready to admire miles of pine forests, deep canyons and lush meadows.

Well-Trained, Trustworthy Horses - Geronimo Trails Guest Ranch has gentle horses which adults and children alike can ride on to enjoy the surrounding natural beauty. If you want, you can also watch the crew play rodeo games and learn how to twirl around a lariat rope.

Nearby Native Ruins – One of the attractions of the area is the Native ruins dating all the way to 750AD. These untouched historical monuments have been known to amaze visitors, at times even more than the canyons in which Geronimo sought shelter during his campaigns in the 1800s.

Comfortable Accommodation – From March 8th to November 15th, you can be the ranch’s guest for as low as $284 per night for double occupancy (5-7 night stay). The cabins are cozy thanks to fireplaces, queen-sized beds, bunk beds, and all the electronics you’ll need during your stay. However, what makes the cabins stand out is their Native American style or Cowboy motif. These will immerse you further in the area’s culture and bring out the cowboy within you.

Delicious Meals for Hearty Appetites – Whether you choose to enjoy your meals in the dining room or the ranch’s picnic tables, rest assured that you’re bound to surprise your palate with a range of flavors. From rib eye steaks to pork tenderloin and all the way to New Mexican scrambled eggs; you’ll discover firsthand why the ranch has been praised for its fine dining experience.

Fun for Wilderness Lovers – If you’re a fan of butterflies, birds, unique fish and proud wildlife, you’ll get to see all of these while staying at the ranch. You can introduce your little ones to different animals and birds they’d never see roam around freely in the city.

Nearby Attractions – Old Town, Sandia Peak Aerial Tramway, the International Balloon Fiesta, Buckhorn Saloon and Opera House, and the Catwalk are some of the numerous attractions you can visit while staying at the ranch. These may connect you with civilization for a few hours until you return to the peace and quiet you initially sought at the ranch.

The Bottom Line Promising natural beauty, historic significance and the peace and quiet you seek during a vacation, Geronimo Trails Guest Ranch is one of the top dude ranches to book in New Mexico. So don’t wait long before booking your own cabin.

White Stallion Ranch 2015 Specials

1/21/2015 12:39:15 PM

A fine resort, White Stallion Ranch is a 50-year-old traditional dude ranch that flaunts a personal touch and excellent hospitality. Nestled in Tucson, Arizona, the ranch is famous for beautiful views of the unspoiled desert, rugged mountains and privately owned herds. However, if you truly want to appreciate these wonders, you need to be on the saddle. This is why the ranch has prepared four specials which you can book to free the cowboy/cowgirl within the city slicker.

White Stallion Ranch

#1) Take a Bridge Vacation with Dennis Dawson

Date: February 9-13, 2015

Cost: $1,119 per person for double occupancy $1,419 per person for single occupancy

Package: The package entails four breakfasts, three lunches, four dinners, an assortment of snacks and refreshments during the games, bridge games, and a happy hour with an honor bar. You can opt for horse riding for an extra charge. If you’re one of the 50 million bridge players worldwide, you’re bound to be familiar with the name Dennis Dawson. Dawson is a Grand Life Master of the American Contract Bridge League and a Bronze medalist at the World Championships. Winner of over 14,000 masterpoints across 200 regional events, he’s one of the best teachers you can get, especially since he imparts logical explanations and relies on a hands-on approach. In addition to two classes a day with Dennis Dawson (except on the first and last day), you can immerse in the ranch’s hospitality during Happy Hour and meal times. To further enjoy the ranch’s offerings and be part of the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, visit the ranch between January 31 and February 15.

#2) Ultimate Wild West Cactus Cowgirls

Date: April 12 - 17, 2015

Cost: $1,700 per person for double occupancy $1,857 per person for single occupancy

Package: With this package, you’ll get lodging for five nights-six days, meals, horseback riding and daily lessons, a margarita welcome party, country dance lessons, a ‘yoga for riding’ class, and Tucson International Airport transfers. If you’re a lady who wants to bask under the Arizona sunshine while riding a horse through 300-acres of open land, book the Ultimate Wild West Cactus Cowgirls offer. Whether you’re a skilled rider or a newbie, you’ll discover the beauty of horseback riding while learning important ranch skills such as target shooting and horse grooming. You can, however, skip ranch chores and entrust them to the professionals while you enjoy the sights of hedgehogs, palo verde trees and other flora and fauna famous in Tucson’s desert.

#3) Summer Bonanza for Spring of 2015

Date: May 17 – June 14 2015

Cost: $690 per person for double occupancy for four nights, five days $767 per person for single occupancy for four nights, five days $1,145 per person for double occupancy for seven nights, eight days $1,696 per person for single occupancy for seven nights, eight days Additional nights are charged extra while Single Deluxe packages are priced differently.

Package: The package includes lodging, meals, horseback riding except on Sundays, daily ranch activities, cookouts, and transfers from the airport. Summer just got special at White Stallion. The dude ranch offers its visitors the chance to enjoy the desert while it is in full bloom sans the scorching heat. While on horseback, prepare to discover a wide range of palo verde trees, cholla cacti and other beauties worth immortalizing in a photograph. If fauna isn’t your thing, you can get adrenaline pumping by helping the ranchers herd newborn longhorn calves before settling for the night after a hearty meal and a lot of fun with other guests.

#4) December Special 2015

Date: Nov 29 – Dec 17, 2015

Cost: $690 per person for double occupancy for four nights, five days $767 per person for single occupancy for four nights, five days $1,145 per person for double occupancy for seven nights, eight days $1,277 per person for single occupancy for seven nights, eight days Additional nights are charged extra while Single Deluxe packages are priced differently.

Package: The package includes lodging, meals, horseback riding except on Sundays, daily ranch activities, cookouts, and transfers from the airport. If you want to break free from the stress of the city, head to Tucson’s own authentic dude ranch. Let your hair down by dressing casually and forget about the winter blahs by enjoying a ride through the wild, wild desert surrounding the White Stallion. If you book early, you may even enjoy some great activities such as a steak cookout, breakfast ride, a visit to the Saguaro National Monument, and even a rodeo exhibition. As you can see, there is just so much that you can do if you decide to head to The White Stallion for your upcoming holidays. Just remember that rooms are limited, so make sure to book your own beforehand. To get in touch with the ranch, visit http://www.whitestallion.com/ or call at 520-297-0252.  

Winter at Lone Mountain Ranch

1/15/2015 1:52:13 PM

Get Over the Winter Blahs at Lone Mountain Ranch

Established in 1915 by Clarence Lytle, Lone Mountain Ranch was one of numerous cattle, horse and hay ranches dotting the Montana skyline. The dude ranch has undergone so many changes until it reached the hands of current owners Bob and Vivian Schaap. Now the Schaaps knew deep down that this wasn’t just another home away from home during summer. This is why they decided to run the ranch all year-round and offer winter vacationers high quality accommodation, delicious western themed meals, and a range of ranch and winter activities that promise to keep them entertained.

Lone Mountain Ranch
Lone Mountain Ranch

How to Celebrate Winter at Lone Mountain Ranch

Lone Mountain Ranch never unwinds, especially during the winter season between November 27 and April 19, 2015. This is why you can enjoy a wide range of activities such as:

Ski Big Sky – Big Sky is renowned for providing skiers and snowboarders alike with a unique skiing experience. Boasting over 5,800 acres covered with snow, it’s considered the most skiable terrain in the U.S. If you’re residing at the ranch during winter, you can head there on one of its private ski shuttles.

Yellowstone Tours – Yellowstone Park is the nation’s first national park and a wonderful place to watch bison herds wading through the snow. You can also explore the area by skiing, snowshoeing, or riding heated snow coaches. If you want, the ranch can also arrange for snowmobile rentals for a unique guided tour.

Nordic Skiing – One of the oldest winter activities at Lone Mountain Ranch, Nordic skiing will definitely take your breath away. The ranch has already been voted No. 1 by Cross Country Skier magazine, so don’t miss out on the chance to swish around the Big Sky Ski Resort and Moonlight Basin Ski Resort.

Backcountry Skiing – You don’t have to go for to enjoy the adrenaline rush of backcountry skiing. Thanks to the ranch’s location, you can explore the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem on two skis. Just make sure to book one of the numerous backcountry skiing tours, which include Fir Ridge, Specimen Creek, and Bighorn Trail.

Snowshoeing – Once at the ranch, the 30km of trails you see are going to tempt you to strap on a snowshoe and explore the area. If you want something more romantic, you can book a full moon snowshoe tour, which is a favorite of both locals and our guests.

Fly Fishing – You can enjoy fishing all year round at this dude ranch. Whether you choose to head to The Gallatin or Madison River, get ready to catch something tasty or simply take a picture with one of the rare species in the area. You can also combine snowshoe and fishing or book an ice fishing trip on Hebgen Lake.

Dog Sledding – Lone Mountain Ranch can arrange for its guests to experience other services offered at the Big Sky area. If you want a dogsled adventure, the ranch will book one with Spirit of the North at Moonlight Basin. In addition to snuggling while a herd of trained dogs pulls you effortlessly through the surrounding winter wonderland, you can learn how to handle the enthusiastic canine cavalry in the lead.

Massage and Yoga – If you want to stay warm and toasty indoors, why not indulge in a full body massage? Guests can indulge in the massage and yoga therapy sessions offered at the ranch. Even if you want to venture outside, you can always come back to unwind while experienced therapists revive both your body and soul. To complement this long list of activities, Lone Mountain Ranch offers a number of comfortable accommodation options where you can relax after a long day and warm your limbs in front of a fireplace or wood burning stove. And if that still isn’t enough, wait until you taste the offerings of the Mountain Bistro Dining. Not only are they prepared with organic ingredients, every morsel is so exquisite that you’d want to return to the ranch every year.

Winter 2015 Deals at Lone Mountain Ranch

If you’re tempted to head to this dude ranch in winter, you’re in luck. There are numerous winter packages you can enjoy, each offering lodging, meals and snacks, access to nearby trails, gourmet BBQ trail lunches, and entertainment at the ranch’s saloon to mention just a few. Here’s a quick overview of the deals you can get while vacationing there in winter:  

Sleigh and Stay Package – Promising an unforgettable retreat, this package includes a sleigh ride dinner, live entertainment, one night at the ranch’s cabins, a delicious breakfast at the dining lodge, and one day access to the nearby trails. Rates start at $399 per couple.

Ski and Stay Package – By opting for this package, you can enjoy skiing downhill at Big Sky Resort. Your room will be at the Ridgetop Lodge, but you can always opt for a cabin. Rates start at $399 per couple per night and include a one day pass to the resort as well as breakfast.

Romance Package – For couples who seek solitude and relaxation, this package is perfect. It includes accommodation, meals, 2 one-hour full body massages, and numerous treats once you arrive. The package’s rates start at $895 per couple per night.

B&B Package – If you simply want to stay at the ranch and develop your own itinerary, you can enjoy a cozy night followed by a hearty breakfast for $275 and up per night.

To book any of these packages, visit http://www.lonemountainranch.com/ or call 800-514-4644. Don’t let winter get you down and giddy up to Lone Mountain Ranch for a unique holiday.

A Closer Look at Laughing Water Ranch

1/8/2015 11:02:53 PM

A Unique Trail Riding Ranch in the Rocky Mountains

Nestled in the Kootenai National Forest at 3,200 ft. on top of Montana’s northern Rockies, Laughing Water Ranch offers visitors a look at the pristine beauty which made the Kootenai and Salish Indian tribes fall in love with the place. Close to the Glacier Park and Whitefish and Columbia Falls, the dude ranch promises miles and miles of trails spread across its 200 acres of rolling timber and pasture land.

Laughing water ranch

What Makes the Ranch at Laughing Water Special

Whether you’re in the mood for adventure or simply relaxing, the Ranch at Laughing Water offers the amenities you’ll need and more. To learn about what you can expect during your stay, skim through the following points.

Variety of Accommodation Options – There are three accommodation choices for you to pick from: Large Family Cabin, Duplex Cabins and Main Lodge Rooms. The first option comes with two bedrooms and an open loft. Large enough to accommodate 12 individuals, the cabin features a western theme and is surrounded by Montana’s unique beauty. The duplex cabins provide guests with their own private bath and covered porch. As for the lodge’s 4 two-room suites, these allow visitors full access to the dining and game rooms in the building. You can also snuggle up in front of the fire at the center of the family room, dining room, and adult lounge.

Numerous Fun Activities that Match the Season – Open during both summer and winter, the ranch offers a variety of activities for both seasons. During summer, you can enjoy horseback riding, fishing, swimming, and hiking. You also get a day at Glacier Park where you enjoy horseback rides by day, white water raft trips in the afternoon, and a rodeo show in the evening. Meanwhile, in winter, you can ride in the snow and enjoy activities such as snow shoeing and cross country skiing. In addition, you get a day out to enjoy dog sledding.

A Unique Montana Adventure Package – If you want something more special, you can go for the summer or winter Montana adventure package at the ranch. During summer, the package entails a stay at Whitefish Mountain resort and access to the alpine slide, zip line, golf course and aerial adventure park. On the other hand, the winter package entails snowmobiling, downhill skiing from Whitefish Mountain, and powder skiing.

Special Weeks to Entertain Guests – The Ranch at Laughing Water hosts a number of specialty weeks to truly give you a western dude ranch experience. For instance, you can be part of the Cattle Drive, which is when cows are brought in from the hills for veterinary checkups and branding. If you take part of this event, you can stay three days and two nights on the range in cozy cabin tents and enjoy campfire cooking and storytelling once your work is done.

Upcoming Kids Program – The dude ranch has jumped on the kids program bandwagon, offering to entertain the little ones through age-appropriate activities. At the time of this review, the program is still underway. However, your hosts are ready to customize a special week for you children according to their age, horse skill level and interests.

Plenty of Local Attractions – If you want a little more than what the ranch currently offers, you’re in luck. The Ranch at Laughing Water is close to numerous local attractions such as the crown of the continent Glacier National Park, Whitefish Mountain ski resort, and Jerry’s watering hole.

Specials for Recurring Visitors

One of the best things about visiting the Laughing Water is that you can make it your annual holiday destination for less. Returning guests can get vouchers which allow them to pop by any week of the year for $1,500, which is the low season price per person per week. The prepaid vouchers are valid for up to three years and are non-refundable. However, you’re welcome to transfer them to others and share the unique experience of this dude ranch. As you can see, there are numerous benefits for dropping by the ranch at Laughing Water. So don’t miss this opportunity to make your summer or winter special.

Montana Pintler Punch

1/4/2015 9:49:04 PM
This summer beverage is the perfect balance between salty and sweet, bubbly and still. It's a favorite at The Ranch at Rock Creek where the Montana summers get quite dry and hot. On the ranch, guests often head to the Great Room around 6 o'clock to relax after a fun day of horseback riding, hiking or archery. The Ranch at Rock Creek is an all-inclusive luxury ranch resort offering a slice of raw western adventure paired with unprecedented comfort and amenities.  Try this at home when you feel a bit adventurous Ingredients: 1 orange slice 4 basil leaves 1 ½ oz. peach-infused bourbon Juice from half a lemon 2 oz. iced tea ¼ oz. agave nectar Instructions:
  1. Fill a rocks glass with ice.
  2. Muddle the orange slice and three basil leaves in your cocktail shaker.
  3. Add peach-infused bourbon, lemon juice and iced tea.
  4. Measure ¼ oz. agave nectar, or 1 ½ tsp.
  5. Cover the shaker and give it a really good shake. Strain over ice and garnish with a basil leaf.
* To serve straight up, add ice to the glass and shaker. Toss the ice from the glass before you strain the cocktail.

Pintler Punch

Flying E Ranch

12/23/2014 5:06:48 PM

A Specialist in Authentic Western Hospitality Since 1946

Awarded the title of Best of the West 2011 for Working Dude Ranches by Cowboys & Indians magazine, Flying E Ranch offers a relaxed setting where you and your family can truly unwind. Four miles west of Wickenburg, the ranch overlooks the Vulture Peak formation, which is famous for this historic Vulture Gold Mine nestled in it. It’s also a few hours from the Grand Canyon, Sedona and Las Vegas, ensuring something for everyone.

Flying E Ranch

The History of Flying E Ranch

The original Flying E Ranch was established in 1946 when Lee Everly purchased 3,000 acres and built a lodge with eight guest rooms, a barn inspired by Oregon, and a 3,200 ft. airstrip. I 1952, the ranch ended up in the hands of George and Vi Wellik after they spotted the ranch from their private plane in 1949. However, despite dedicating ample time to the ranch, he stayed in Bellflower, California for his tire and land developing businesses. Ranch managers handled everything until 1960 when he, his wife and two children took full control of the ranch.

Flying E Ranch History

 George and Vi expanded the ranch by purchasing additional land and leases bringing its area up to 21,000 acres. However, George donated land to the town, prompting it to name its Municipal Airport of Wickenburg as Wellik Field in his memory. Many changes have taken place since then; the airstrip was transformed into a grass horse pasture while the ranch carried out cow/calf operations, gaining fame for its Angus and Barzona stock.

Why You’ll Fall in Love with Flying E Ranch Like George and Vi

If you enjoy spending your vacations at dude ranches, Flying E Ranch should be one of your options. Here are some reasons why:  Classy Accommodation with a Hint of the West – The 2013 winner of Trip Advisor’s Certificate of Excellence offers comfortable rooms that feature a western décor as well as numerous amenities such as wet bars, private baths, and electric heating and air conditioning. You can take your pick from any of the 15 rooms offered, each of which comes with a view of the lodge or heated pool. However, if you’re traveling with your family, you can opt for either the Wigwam Family House or Southwest Family House. Western Style, Hearty Meals – Western food lovers and fans of the traditional dude ranch dining style will enjoy their meals at the ranch. While breakfast is made to order, you can sink your teeth into a delicious buffet lunch on the patio. You’ll know when lunch is served when you hear the chow bell ringing. Meanwhile, dinner is served family style in Flying E’s comfy dining room. If you do get hungry in between, you can indulge in fresh fruit, cookies, candy, lemonade, and ice tea from the pantry.

Happy Hour at the Saloon – Flying E Ranch enjoys connecting guests and encouraging them to mingle in its authentic saloon. Between 5:30 and 6:30 pm, you can indulge in a variety of hors d’oeuvres and mixers to complement the beer you bring along. If you haven’t brought any beer on your trip, you can purchase a six pack from Safeway and Bashas stores in Wickenburg.

Wide Range of Fun Activities – There’s never a boring minute at the ranch. When you’re not enjoying Flying E’s traditional western cuisine or interacting with other guests, you can try any of the activities offered. For example, you can join the two-hour horseback rides offered for beginners, intermediate and advanced riders. You can also go hiking or bird watching up Vulture Peak with the help of our professionals or simply soak your stress away at our heated pool or Jacuzzi.

Variety of Ranch Events – The dude ranch is constantly bustling with one event or the other. For the 204-2015 season, you can be part of the Ranch Christmas, cowboy and casino-themed New Year’s Eve, and Annual I Wanna Be a Cowgirl Weekend among other events. You can check the calendar at http://www.flyingeranch.com/events.

The Bottom Line

Flying E Ranch surely has something for everyone. So don’t just read about what you can do there; book your stay at the ranch to truly enjoy the life, comfort and hospitality the west is most famous for.

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