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RanchSeeker Welcomes Another New Ranch!

1/30/2012 7:23:25 AM

RanchSeeker would like to welcome another new guest ranch to its website this time located in Tennessee! Guest ranches in Tennessee attract visitors using the natural wonders of the region including the range of valleys, mountain ranges, plains, and caves.

A Tennessee Guest Ranch is located in Dunlap.

 A Tennessee Guest Ranch is family owned and operated by Chris & Tammy Young, a southern gentleman and a southern belle who have been married for over two decades, along with their two sons Brant and Bryce. Tammy’s lifelong love of horses turned into a ranching career that the entire family shares. A Tennessee Guest Ranch is a special guest ranch that features down home Southern Christian Hospitality, and Cowboy atmosphere. Upon arrival each family receives their own wrangler and their very own guest ranch horses for their stay. And don’t forget to pack your saddle bags with their “Cowboy Bibles for the trail” to learn what God has to say about horses in the Bible! Oh yes, and maybe you’ll be lucky enough to be at the ranch when Cowboy Church is held once a month so you can see a mounted sermon and catch the country barn dance afterwards!

 You can count on days full of horse-related activities. But that’s not all there are also cowboy campfires under the stars, carriage rides, hay rides, nature and hiking trails, roping lessons, swimming in the river and in a pool overlooking the gorgeous Sequatchie Valley. So round up the family and gallop on over to the Tennessee Guest Ranch in the beautiful foothills of Tennessee for your next guest ranch vacation!

  Happy Trails!

A Different Type of Vacation— A Guest Ranch Vacation!

12/16/2011 8:54:40 AM

Most of us at some time or another have taken a vacation and most probably it has either been to a ski resort, the beach, or camping in the woods. These are all great places to spend time with friends and family; however, don’t forget about visiting a guest ranch. A guest ranch vacation is a wonderful way to get back to the basics, spend time outdoors, and re-connect with loved ones. There is always a lot to do and if you want you can learn new skills as well.

 Never ridden a horse before? That’s okay most guest ranches provide horseback riding lessons for beginners and if you want to fine tune your riding skills there are opportunities to do that too. Do you want to help cowboys herd cattle or partake in a Rodeo? Then a working ranch vacation is perfect for you. Or how about learning to shoot a bow and arrow or skeet shooting? You can learn to do that on a guest ranch as well. Always wanted to go river rafting, kayaking or canoeing? You are in luck as many guest ranches are situated near rivers and lakes so don’t forget to pack your bathing suit for your next guest ranch vacation. If all these activities have you feeling weary book a spa appointment at one of the many top notch spas found in guest ranches around the world today.

How does a Thai or Deep Tissue massage, or a rejuvenating facial followed by a manicure and pedicure sound? Pretty good, right? Or you can unwind by a roaring campfire and sing old cowboy songs while you roast marshmallows. If you feel like kickin’ up your heels many guest ranches offer country-western dancing too.

 If you are vacationing with your children guest ranches often have exciting kid’s programs with qualified people running them so you don’t have to worry if you want to do separate activities once in a while. On a guest ranch vacation you can do as many activities as you want or as little as you want surrounded by breathtaking scenery and wide open spaces.

 Feeling hungry?

Nowadays, at a guest ranch, you will either find simple, delicious, home-style cooked food or gourmet meals prepared by the resident chef and often the vegetables and even beef are grown and raised right there on the homestead. With all these exciting activities and more why wouldn’t you consider a guest ranch for your next vacation?

For your next guest ranch vacation use RanchSeeker’s Dude Ranch Finder to find the ideal guest ranch for you.

Happy Trails!

The Guest Ranch Experience In Pictures (Part 2)

12/8/2011 9:09:40 AM

As I mentioned in my previous blog a picture can be worth a thousand words.So to continue on with that theme below are some more photos of some of the guest ranches that can be found on RanchSeeker.

The guest ranch experience is something that can be shared with family or friends over special holidays or just to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It's a great way to digitally detox and reconnect with nature and your loved ones. With all the many varied activities that you can find on a guest ranch you can be as busy as you like or choose to just relax surrounded by some of the most breathtaking scenery in North America.

Drowsy Water Ranch Granby,Colorado

Drowsy Water Ranch has developed a reputation for quality Dude Ranch vacations. The guest ranch has programs for children from infants to teenagers with plenty of activities for parents and grandparents alike.

 Chezacut Wilderness Adventures Redstone, British Columbia

Enjoy an authentic western guest ranch vacation and a unique horseback riding retreat as you become part of our bio-dynamic working cattle ranch!

 Spotted Horse Ranch Jackson, Wyoming

Our guest ranch is located near Jackson Hole, Wyoming and provides many opportunities for horseback riding, fly fishing or just relaxing in a land that remains much the same as when explorer John Colter first set his eyes on Yellowstone and the Tetons in 1807

 Wilson H2 Ranch Woodville, Ontario

At Wilson H2 Ranch you can live the cowboy life for a week or just a weekend. Saddle up a horse, work some cattle, rope a calf, go for a trail ride or kick back on the front porch and watch the sun set on rolling farmer’s fields with a coffee in hand.

Red Reflet Guest Ranch Ten Sleep, Wyoming

Red Reflet Ranch is a working horse and cattle ranch, utilizing well over 24,000 acres that range in elevation from 4200’ to 8300’.

There is always lots of ranch work underway.

 Colorado Trails Guest Ranch Durango, Colorado

Fun, adventure and breathtaking scenery at Colorado Trails Ranch, in the San Juan Mountains outside historic Durango, Colorado include horseback riding on scenic trails, fly-fishing, rafting, shooting sports and hiking.

 For your next guest ranch vacation use RanchSeeker's Dude Ranch Finder to find the ideal guest ranch for you.

Happy Trails!              

Guest Ranch Spa Pampering

10/27/2011 10:22:31 AM

When we think about taking a mini-break for some well-deserved spa pampering, a guest or dude ranch doesn’t usually spring to mind and that’s a pity, because many modern day guest ranches have invested a lot of time and effort into their spa facilities.  So much so, that some ranch resort and spas are regularly featured in travel articles and even make the 10 best spa resort list! 

 Guest  ranches can offer so much more than merely parking yourself in a spa for a few days, especially at this lovely time of year of sunny days and crisp fall nights.  Even if you hadn’t considered a guest ranch or ranch resort for your spa getaway, how does soaking in a hot tub at night on a timbered deck gazing up at a star-filled sky with a glass of something cold close by sound to you? Or getting to experience some of the newest and most innovative spa trends in the ultra-modern facilities of a  guest ranch resort spa? After a day of being pampered, cosseted and soothed by the friendly and skilled staff at your guest ranch spa, what better way to relax than to mix and mingle with the other guests in front of a roaring log fire, before sitting down to an exquisite dinner prepared by the resident chef. 

 As a change of pace from indulging in the decadent delights of your guest ranch spa, a leisurely horseback ride among spectacular surroundings or a gentle hike along verdant trails far removed from the stresses of city life, will refresh and rejuvenate the inner self.  Some guest ranches even boast an indoor heated pool or are situated close to mineral springs for invigorating bathing sessions. Having a mini-vacation at a guest ranch at this time of year means you can take advantage of the many end-of-season specials that ranches offer between their busy summer season and the approach of winter.  Three or four night getaways are typical ranch resort and spa packages and along with comfortable accommodation and satisfying meals, may also include a choice of spa treatments. 

 No one size fits all. RanchSeeker features many guest ranches that are ideal for a guest ranch spa getaway. Use our simple Dude Ranch Finder to find your next guest ranch vacation. Happy Trails!    

How about Visiting a New Mexico Guest Ranch?

10/14/2011 10:42:25 AM

Guest ranches in New Mexico take advantage of over 500,000 acres of national forests and rich history to attract visitors. With four centuries of Native American, Spanish and South-western cultures New Mexico is a melting pot of culture. Typically one thinks of New Mexico as an arid state; however, heavily forested mountain wildernesses cover a substantial area. Aside from horseback riding you can choose from endless recreational activities and enjoy New Mexico’s colourful history, art and flavourful cuisine. On your next guest ranch vacation why not consider visiting the following RanchSeeker guest ranches:

Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch   Winston, NM

Our Guest Ranch: A small family owned guest ranch, with emphasis on horseback riding, nestled among tall Ponderosa pines. We are situated in some of the most breathtaking, untouched country in America: Geronimo and Apache country. Once home to outlaw hideouts and early Mimbres people’s (750-1150) dwellings you will also find abundant wildlife, great food and a pleasant climate at our ranch. Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch is a real western adventure! Horseback or hiking takes guests through beautiful forests of tall Ponderosa pine, through astounding deep canyons with sheer towering walls and crystal clear streams.    

 Double E Guest Ranch Gila, NM

Our Guest Ranch: Indulge your cowboy spirit with cattle, cayuses, buffalo and the undiluted raw sensations of south-western New Mexico. 30,000 acres adjoining the pristine 3 million acre Gila National Forest, Double E Guest Ranch is a working cattle/guest ranch offering exciting horseback riding, spectacular vistas, great food and interesting company! Our Texas Long Horn Cattle are worked year 'round.    

 Burnt Well Guest Ranch Rosewell,NM

Our Guest Ranch: Burnt Well is a working cattle and sheep ranch. We take a few guests on the side as a supplement to our ranching income. Our guest capacity is small, we don't have a staff, we are open all year around, but we don't take guests week in and week out. Come to Burnt Well, get dirty and have some fun, then kick your boots off and relax a spell!! We'll fill your tummy with good country food, fill your days with fun and adventure, fill the air with lots of conversation & laughter and fill your mind with unforgettable memories!  

 New Mexico guest ranches offer many different exciting vacation opportunities from horseback riding to amazing scenic vistas. Find your next guest ranch vacation using RanchSeeker’s Dude Ranch Finder. Happy Trails!

How About Visiting a California Dude Ranch?

8/17/2011 8:02:48 AM

California dude ranches take advantage of the comfortable climate and variety of picturesque landscapes to attract visitors. With an expansive central valley, hot deserts and hundreds of miles of scenic coastline California dude ranches offer beautiful natural attractions. Imagine horseback riding along the beach or through the mountains or relaxing on the beach or learning to surf by day and by night enjoying home cooked meals and good company around a warm campfire with new friends. 

These are all things you can do at California dude ranches Coffee Creek Guest Ranch, located in the Trinity Alps Wilderness Area of Northern California,this dude ranch boasts picture-postcard views of snow-capped mountains, cascading waterfalls, lush meadows, and sparkling lakes. Rides are divided by ability levels. Breakfast rides are the most popular, with the all-day rides to a lake the most spectacular! For a unique experience, the all-day ride can be extended into an overnight pack trip returning the next day by lunch time. All 15 private secluded cabins have their own balconies.

 Howard Creek Guest Ranch, a registered historic site, is a 60-acre oceanfront farm bordered by miles of beach and mountains. Family owned and operated this California  dude ranch offers horseback riding on the beach or in the mountains. You can also whale watch from the beach go deep sea fishing or visit a winery close by among many other fun activities. Accommodations include cabins, suites and rooms, all different, but all furnished with antiques, large comfortable beds, handmade quilts or comforters, and views of the mountains, ocean, creek, and/or gardens.

 Marble Mountain Guest Ranch, located in Somes Bar, combine their equestrian program with thrilling dude ranch activities such as rafting, and fly fishing, sporting clays, and traditional ranch events. They specialize in family dude ranch vacations that keep everyone engaged with a variety of fun outdoor Western adventures. Guest ranch accommodations and lodging include fully furnished deluxe homes and housekeeping cottages (or cabins).

 California dude ranches offer many different exciting vacation opportunities from horseback riding to amazing scenic vistas.

Find your next dude ranch vacation using RanchSeeker’s Dude Ranch Finder

For Your Next Vacation Why Not Consider Visiting a Dude Ranch in Canada?

6/1/2011 10:13:12 AM

Dude ranch vacations are a great option for people looking for something different, challenging and exciting; a new experience that will not only invigorate you physically, but will nurture your spirit of adventure and open up new horizons.  There are many places throughout the world that offer the dude ranch vacation experience especially in the US and Canada.A Canadian dude ranch is an ideal location for a vacation. I think Haliburton described Canada best in the early 1900’s when he said:

“Canada is a country so vast that it is difficult to convey an adequate idea of its size ; so fertile that nothing short of official returns will exonerate a description of it from a charge of exaggeration ; so prosperous as to not only rival, but to surpass all other countries on the face of the earth ; so healthy in climate, so beautiful in scenery, so abundantly supplied with magnificent lakes and rivers, so full of commercial resources, and so rich in minerals, that I am overpowered with the magnitude of the task I have imposed upon myself in attempting to convey even a faint idea of it”

For your next dude ranch vacation why not consider a guest ranch in British Columbia, Alberta or Quebec?

Dude ranches in B.C. take advantage of the “beautiful B.C” landscape and rich local Native history to attract visitors. Imagine going for an early morning fly fishing trip, spending the afternoon panning for gold or exploring early settler or local Native heritage sites, or hiking in the lush mountain forests or admiring the awesome views from atop a horse while on a late afternoon ride. Evenings could be spent relaxing with fellow guests around a campfire enjoying fresh, local rustic or gourmet meals exchanging stories of the day’s activities. All of this and more is possible when you choose a dude ranch vacation in B.C. Your ranch may also organize horseback trips, cattle drives, pack trips, canoeing, and a wide range of outdoor activities for you during your stay, so be sure to ask.

Ranches in Alberta attract visitors with their national park system, dinosaur digs and because the province boasts 5 of 13 UNESCO World heritage Sites. Kids and adults alike love Alberta. Picture yourself visiting dinosaur digs in the Alberta Badlands in the morning and then working on the ranch with the resident cowboys in the afternoon, and relaxing in the evening in a hot tub. You can do all of this and more on an Albertan ranch. Warner Guiding and Outfitting has been guiding through Banff National Park for over 49 years. From hourly Trail Rides to 6 day Pack Trips to Western Cookouts they have the adventure for you!

Finally last but not least dude ranch vacations in Quebec are a great gateway to all that Quebec has to offer. Ranches in Quebec attract visitors, to their predominately francophone population, for the exciting winter festivals, maple products and much more. You could spend the morning learning how to feed and care for the ranch animals then head into town for a local festival or rodeo in the afternoon. At Ranch 4 Saison you will be able to choose from four beautiful seasons. Spring for sugar bush,  summer for the beauty of 54 lakes in the region, fall for all the breathtaking colors and winter a very wonderful season for horseback riding, ski-doo,  snow shoeing, cross country skiing and  sleigh rides. Just imagine relaxing at this dude ranch, in the evening after a long day’s ride, in a steamy hot tub watching the snow fall around you.

So what are you waiting for? Make  your next vacation at a dude ranch in Canada

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