Get a Dose of Nature Therapy at a Dude Ranch

Published: 8/24/2015 5:09:29 PM


Every day, you wake up to face a never-ending whirlwind of bills, drama, family feuds, nagging, traffic jam, messes, to-do lists, phone calls, emails, social media alerts, money problems. If you didn’t get a headache just reading all this, kudos on being quite resilient. But let’s be serious, life can be quite tough and almost overwhelming. This is why you can’t wait to hit the gym, indulge at the spa or simply share a meal with friends from time to time. However, there’s an even better therapy for your daily woes, one that you probably never heard of before: Ecotherapy.


Also known as green therapy or natural therapy, ecotherapy allows you to go back to Mother Nature and absorb her healing power. Be it through a walk in the open range or a canoe trip on a river, you’ll get the following five advantages of this alternative form of healing.

#1) Withdrawal from Every Day Stress Triggers

Everything around you is a stress trigger, starting from your personal life to your career. However, leaving everything behind and stepping into nature will help you clear your mind. In fact, a 2010 Japanese study revealed that elements of the environment such as the smell of wood or the sound of a running stream can relax and de-stress individuals. The latter was proven by lower levels of cortisol, a lower pulse rate, and lower blood pressure.

#2) Better Chances against Disease 

There are many reasons why doctors have started prescribing a dose of nature. While there isn’t any concrete research proving the effects of nature on a particular condition, there are many studies that paint a hopeful picture of the efficiency of ecotherapy. For starters, Kathy Helzlsouer, MD, director of the Prevention and Research Center at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore recommends that breast cancer survivors step outdoors more. That way, they can counter the persistent fatigue that follows their treatment and ultimately improve their diet and exercise habits. If you have kids, you need to take them outdoors to strengthen their immune system. Researchers have also uncovered a link between obesity or type II diabetes and the amount of time children spend outside. Families that spend more time in front of TV or computer screens have benefited from increased physical activity outdoors, gaining a chance to fight these dreadful diseases.

#3) Extra Dose of Vitamin D

If you’re the type who tends to hiss at the few rays peeking through your blinds, chances are that you haven’t been getting any vitamin D. This pre-hormone is very important for your body as it controls many functions in your body and ensures its overall health. What further makes soaking up some sun vital is vitamin D’s ability to fight cancer, obesity, mental disorders and numerous health problems. While researchers are still trying to prove the vitamin’s capabilities, you really can’t go wrong by stepping out and getting this vital nutrient from the best source out there – The Sun.

#4) Breathing the Freshest Air

If you thought that you enjoyed fresh air in the city, prepare to redefine what the word ‘fresh’ means by stepping into all-natural surroundings. Not only do you get to break away from the 6,000 airborne chemicals indoors, but you also get to inhale negative ions. In case this is the first time you’ve heard about them, negative ions are nature’s antidepressants as they can relax and heal. This further explains Mother Nature’s ability to counter stress, increase your energy levels, and relieve muscle tension and insomnia.

#5) Stronger Eyes and Improved Vision

This may come as a surprise, but surrounding yourself with nature can be good for eyes, especially those of children. Children who spend hours looking at computers or TV screens daily tend to develop nearsightedness since man is genetically predisposed to look a different colors and various levels of brightness and depths. Besides, they can develop eye fatigue and ultimately suffer from headaches growing up. So give your kids’ eyes and yours a break by heading to where Mother Nature shines brightest – away from the city. Aside from these health benefits, reconnecting with nature via ecotherapy is good for your soul. It can help you stay grounded and balanced. It’ll also bring a smile to your face as everything surrounding you will be quite beautiful. You’ll finally feel awake and alive. And you might even learn something new about yourself if you decide to enjoy some different activities such as horseback riding, skiing or fishing. However, if you really want to enjoy all these advantages, you need to go to where nature is at its purest. Dude ranches are nestled in the middle of mountain ranges or deserts, ensuring their distance from pollution, toxins and stress triggers that bring you down. They’re also the perfect place to enjoy a range of adventurous activities that will make your adrenaline levels go high. Therefore, don’t miss the chance to heal by Mother Nature and get some ecotherapy at a dude ranch soon. Find the perfect dude ranch using Ranchseeker's free dude ranch tool.  


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