How Dude Ranches Are Making the World a Better Place

Published: 10/11/2013 5:00:42 PM


If you have ever visited a carnival, you may be familiar with a particular game often called ‘whac a mole’. The objective is to continue to hit the imitation mole-like critters that pop up out of holes in the game board until the time is up. They keep popping up, and you must continue to bonk them on the head. You may be now wondering of what relevance this is to dude ranches, and how this might relate to dude ranches making the world a better place, so we will now continue with an explanation.

Whack a mole

Common today are rising stress levels, and the familiar feeling that regardless of how hard you try to resolve all the challenging situations you are facing in your life - there is always one more waiting to ‘pop up’ through life’s game board. Taking a much needed, wind down style vacation can be the very thing needed to recharge and reset your priorities. Sometimes you can not change the types of challenges you may be dealing with, but you can adjust the way you approach them - and form new, healthier patterns that will be more positive. Today’s technology driven society inundates us with ways to ‘connect’. Dude ranches are unique in that they offer a place to ‘reconnect’ with natural elements in a comfortable, laid back style. Whether you search out a dude ranch that offers luxurious accommodations in a picturesque location, or a more rugged terrain back to basics style ranch - you will without a doubt leave behind the cares that weigh you down as you look up at a star filled sky, and enjoy an open fire cookout. Trail riding may just be what is needed to open your mind to the idea of new paths ahead in your life, and the adventure of a staying at a dude ranch may be enough of a jolt to your routine that you make up your mind to accept whatever comes your way.

Echo Valley Ranch
 Echo Valley Ranch in British Columbia

By offering to visitors a place to tune out the anxiety, and tune in to the simple pleasure of delicious food, warm hospitality and a close to nature experience - dude ranches provide a destination that can truly impact their visitors. With long lasting memories of the calm, relaxing environment, one can benefit from a dude ranch vacation for years on into the future. We may find ourselves trying to succeed at ‘wacking the moles’ in our life. What we may really need to do however is to find a new perspective, with a balanced and simple approach to success - and find a better way to play the game. A dude ranch vacation can re-energize our thinking, and remind us to not take ourselves quite so seriously. There are dude ranches to suit many traveler’s preferences, and all types of reasons for gathering. Whatever we have in mind for our dude ranch vacation - with a little research and planning, we will without a doubt agree that this type of vacation is in fact making the world a better place, one visitor at a time!

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