Rancho Los Baños Adventure Guest Ranch

Published: 2/5/2015 6:26:14 PM


Mexico’s Unique Adventure Guest Ranch

Winner of TripAdvisor’s Certificate Excellence four years in a row since 2011, Rancho Los Baños (Ranch of the Springs) is a beautiful home away from home in northeast Sonora, Mexico. From its unique location at the foot of the Sierra Madre, a.k.a. the Mexican Rockies, this adventure guest ranch and cattle ranch boasts views of the desert landscape and the protected wilderness. Complementing these is the range of activities encompassed in Tierra Chamahua Eco Adventures, which is a unique concept that combines relaxation and thrills.

Rancho Los Banos

If you’re planning a vacation between August 10th and May 10th, read on to find out why Rancho Los Baños Adventure Guest Ranch is where you should be.

La Historia de Rancho Los Baños

Thousands of years ago, an ancient nomadic group resided within the boxed canyons of the ranch. Though their story is yet to be uncovered, they have left imprints on cave walls to share their life and culture. To honor their presence, the Valenzuela family which took over the land made Opata, a prominent petroglyph of the wing people, the ranch’s logo. Originally from Andalucía, Spain, the Valenzuelas decided to settle in the area and operate the ranch since the 1950s. After three generations, they are still dedicated to protecting the area’s wildlife and preserving its natural beauty. The latest generation has been raised and educated in the U.S., but it still calls Barcelona, Spain home. Bilingual and bicultural, the owners have given up careers in human resources, business management, education and the law to manage the ranch and carry out their families’ legacy. Complemented by a team of vaqueros, wranglers and guests and hosts from Europe, Canada, South America and the U.S., the owners of Rancho Los Baños Adventure Guest Ranch promise each visitor a unique experience that will bring them every year.

What to Expect at the Adventure Guest Ranch

If you’re planning to visit Mexico soon, you should add Rancho Los Baños Adventure Guest Ranch to your must-visit list. The dude ranch is at the crossroads of the Chihuahua and Sonora deserts, allowing guests to enjoy the natural beauty of the area and spot wonderful wildlife such as ring-tail foxes, coyotes, white-tail coues deer, and jaguars. In addition to being a sight for city slickers’ sore eyes, the ranch offers numerous perks including:

Range of Adventures – If you want your vacation to be more than an opportunity to relax, you can take your pick from a range of activities on and around the ranch. For instance, you can hike through El Cajon to enjoy a mental, physical and spiritual exercise, especially while exploring the 2,000 year-old pictographs and dwellings of the ancient Native Americans previously residing in the area. You can also stop by the Hanging Gardens to visit the whirlpools, waterfalls and rock slides that give the ranch its name. Other adrenaline-pumping activities you can opt for are horseback riding, jeep tours, mountain biking, stargazing, kayaking, and nighttime wildlife safaris.

Multiple Relaxation Opportunities – One of the top ranches in the world, Rancho Los Baños offers guests multiple opportunities to relax and beat stress. One of the popular relaxation methods is porching, which is enjoying the view from El Cumaral Lodge’s wrap-around porch. You can play games, read, chat or simply watch the sun rise or disappear from the porch.

Numerous Accommodation Options with Modern Amenities – The dude ranch offers three types of accommodation through El Cumaral Lodge, the refurbished Cabana de los Vaqueros, and the new Sunrise Room. The lodge has three B&B style rooms, a shared living room and kitchen, a roofed porch, and all the electrical appliances you’ll need. As for the cabin, it includes two rooms and a private bathroom. A more intimate accommodation, it boasts a front porch, western decorations, and easy access to the El Cumaral’s wrap-around porch. Finally, the Sunrise Room ensures privacy to its 2-4 guests while providing a view of the scenic surroundings.

Tempting Specials – For the 2015-2016 season, the ranch offers different packages which you may enjoy. Between October and November, you can stay at the ranch for $1,075 per guest ($975 per guest for double occupancy) for five nights and six days. There’s also a Ladies Special with two or more ladies at $195 per guest per night between October and November. All packages offer value for money through three meals, guided hiking trips, tours, wildlife spotting, lassoing lessons, and much more.

Great, Fun-Filled Events – Rancho Los Baños Adventure Guest Ranch offers numerous special events, such as the Sea to Sierra Adventure, which is set to be between Feb and May then August and November. The event is $2,500 per guest for nine nights and ten days. Other events you may want to attend are the Green Summer at the Rancho, Cowgirls Week, and Mexican Roundup (Corrida).

The Bottom Line

There’s a reason Rancho Los Baños Adventure Guest Ranch is the first choice of vacationers in Mexico. While you’re welcome to take a look at its beautiful pictures at their website but nothing beats checking it out yourself. With rates starting at $185 per night for double occupancy, you will be spending less for a memorable vacation you’ll always remember.


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