Bar 10 Ranch's Unbelievable Grand Canyon Packages

Published: 10/15/2015 1:09:34 PM


The Grand Canyon is one of the Seven Wonders of the World, and probably the easiest Wonder to visit if you’re located in North America. It’s also a great place to revel in the American lifestyle as it’s considered home to the oldest national park in the country and over 4,800 archeological sites. On the other hand, it gives nature lovers a lot of memories they can immortalize on film. However, you can double your fun by staying at the Bar 10 Ranch.

Grand Canyon

Located on the north rim of the Grand Canyon, the Bar 10 Ranch is a dude ranch that offers true Western hospitality and never-ending adventure. But that’s not even all you can expect at Bar 10 Ranch; the following are the main activities and tour packages you can enjoy at the dude ranch.

Grand Canyon Colorado River Rafting Trips

Three and Four Day Trips– Starting from $1,262 per person
Six and Seven Day Trips – Starting from $850 per person

This Activity is Only Available from May through September.  

Bar 10 Ranch is known for being the best place to start and end river rafting trips. You can be part of this experience by booking a Grand Canyon Colorado River Rafting Trip. Become one with the river as you steer your raft and observe the natural wonders surrounding you. The ranch will provide the equipment you need to ensure your safety and entertainment as you make your way away from cars, long lines and the hubbub of people.

Three-Day Outdoor Odyssey

Three Day Outdoor Odyssey – Starting from $615 per person
Four Day Outdoor Odyssey – Starting from $850 per person
Air Fare (Las Vegas – Bar 10 – Las Vegas) – Starting from $290 per person

Get ready to explore the Grand Canyon, immersing yourself in its grandeur and history while traveling between towering vistas and majestic canyons. History buffs are also in for a treat as they’ll get to learn everything about the colorful history of Indians, ranchers, homesteaders and outlaws who once roamed (or hid) in this marvel. On the other hand, nature and art lovers will love the array of colors reflected around them as the sun moves during the day. As part of the Outdoor Odyssey, you’ll receive delicious meals, comfortable lodging, and cowboy guided activities like ATV tours, hiking, ranch demonstrations, and extended horseback rides. You get to decide, however, whether you want to enjoy these activities for three or four days any time year round.

Bar 10 Grand Canyon Air and Ground Tour

Bar 10 Grand Canyon Air and Ground Tour – Starting from $286 per person
Bar 10 Grand Canyon Air and Ground Tour  with ATV Upgrade – Starting from $351 per person

This Activity is Only Available from April through Mid-November.  

Explore the Grand Canyon in more than one unique way: via Bar 10 Ranch’s Dornier Twin-Engine Plane, your own ATV, or as a passenger in a stretch ranger. The ranch’s plane offers you the chance to enjoy a scenic flight at least 2,000 feet over the Grand Canyon. On the other hand, ATVs and the stretch ranger allow you to explore the inner gorge by delving 3,000 feet beneath the sheer cliffs. Rest assured that you’ll go home with a wonderful memory and lots of pictures of breathtaking views. By booking the Bar 10 Grand Canyon Air and Ground Tour, you’re entitled to the following four: Round-trip flights over Lake Mead, Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon ATV or ranger tour with your personal cowboy guide Dutch oven BBQ lunch comprising of BBQ beef sandwich, potatoes, vegetables and dessert Free shuttle transfers to and from certain hotels Aside from these, you can contact the Bar 10 Ranch to create custom or group tours. You can add horseback riders, river rafting, helicopter tours, wagon trek, rock climbing, line dancing instruction, and much more. However, you’ll need to contact the dude ranch with your requirements first to get a quote. So get in touch with Bar 10 Ranch’s friendly reservation staff at 1-800-582-4139.


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