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Some Amazing Horse Facts

12/8/2015 4:49:33 PM

Horses have played an important role in human history. They are magnificent creatures that have served dutifully alongside humans in times of war, farming and hunting as well. In addition, people have always relied on equines for transportation during ancient times. Horses were the first “engines” and were originally used to pull chariots and wagons until the invention of the automobile.

Horse Facts

Horses have been admired through the ages for their beauty, speed and strength. They also have many other characteristics and abilities that may not be as well- known but are still fascinating. There are plenty of horse facts and horse trivia to learn. Horses are a fun and clever animal. Here are some horse facts and trivia for you to enjoy. Amazing horse facts and horse Trivia:

  • Horses cannot vomit
  • Horses can sleep standing up or lying down
  • Horses are herbivores
  • Horses are able to run shortly after being born
  • In 2003, Italy, the horse was first cloned, which is Halflinger Mare
  • Horses like sweet flavors and usually reject anything bitter or sour
  • The teeth of the horse will never stop growing.
  • In 680 B.C, Chariot racing was the 1st Olympic sport.
  • Horses have bigger eyes than any other land mammal
  • The word chivalry comes from the French word for horse
  • Horses will poop 14 times per day
  • The weight of the average horse is about half of a ton and its brain is the size of a potato
  • The hoof of the horse is analogous to a human fingernail and the horses will stand on the middle fingers.
  • Horses have more memory power than elephants
  • No gall bladders for horses
  • Horses distinguish tones instead of specific words.
  • Horses see a different image in each eye, so horses can see 2 different images or pictures at the same time. They have binocular vision.
  • Horses are found in the cave paintings which date to about 15000 B.C
  • Freshly mowed grass cuttings may cause colic in horses
  • Horses will drink up to 25 gallons of water per day.
  • Horses can see better than a human at night but it takes the horse eyes longer to adjust from the dark to light and light to dark than humans.
  • Horses can see almost 360 degrees at any given time with the exception of blind spots directly in front or behind them
  • Horses have better senses of smell and hearing than humans
  • Horses cannot breathe through their mouths
  • Horses will produce approximately ten gallons of saliva per day.
  • The heart of the horse weighs about 10 or 9 pounds.
  • There are about 300 horse breeds and ponies available worldwide.
  • The teeth of the horse occupy more space in the head than it’s brain.
  • Generally, adult female horses have 36 teeth and males 40 teeth.

Should I Book a Guest Ranch Vacation?

11/4/2015 9:49:24 AM

Heck ya you should book a guest ranch vacation for your next holiday! Guest ranches are a great choice for families, couples and solo travelers alike. With so many different destinations to choose from in the United States, Canada and Mexico how could you possibly go wrong? Here are just a few reasons why you should forgo the typical beach vacation in favour of a fun, western themed getaway.   HORSEBACK RIDING This is probably the #1 reason to go to a guest ranch. Who doesn’t love the idea of saddling-up and exploring scenic vistas from atop a horse? It doesn’t matter whether you are a first time rider because qualified wranglers will teach you the basics so that you feel comfortable out on the trails. If you are an advanced rider many guest ranches will tailor exciting rides to match your experience level. Some guest ranches even offer overnight pack trips.

Horseback riding
Horseback riding

Multiple Activities to Choose From

Aside from horseback riding the majority of guest ranches offer a plethora of activities to choose from. You can hike or mountain bike on scenic trails, kayak or canoe on beautiful lakes, rent an ATV, try your hand at fly-fishing, learn a new skill like archery or rifle shooting, or zoom along a zip-line or participate in a cattle drive. These are just a few of the exciting activities that guest ranches offer. The possibilities are endless. Be sure to ask each guest ranch what activities they include.


The All-Inclusive Package

The majority of guest ranches utilize the “all-inclusive” vacation concept. This means that you pay upfront for your accommodations, meals and in many cases most of your activities are included too. There may be some additional costs but in general your vacation can be budgeted for in advance. You can also customize your vacation to suit your specific needs. Another added benefit is if you are a solo traveler many guest ranches don’t add an extra premium for single vacationers.

Spa-aaah Time

Just because you are staying at a guest ranch it doesn’t mean that you can’t indulge in some quality me-time as well. Many guest ranches are considered spa destinations as well with qualified spa technicians available to cater to your every wish. After a day of riding there is nothing better than a relaxing massage to soothe sore muscles.  When booking your guest ranch vacation be sure to ask whether they offer spa services if that is on your vacation wish-list.

Spa Time
Spa Time

The Dining Experience

Meals can break or make a vacation! Guest ranches take pride in the food that they serve their guests. This can mean gourmet meals prepared by a culinary chef or simple hearty home-cooked meals that rely on old family favourite recipes. Whichever the case may be you will be treated to satisfying meals that will leave you asking for seconds. If you have special dietary concerns be sure to let your guest ranch know in advance so that they can accommodate your needs.

Hospitality at its Finest

A guest ranch isn’t part of a hotel chain. More often than not the guest ranch that you choose for your next vacation has a long, interesting, family history. You will be welcomed into their home as a guest but once you leave you will feel like family. Guest ranches are famous for their down home hospitality and in many cases they boast a high rate of returning guests.

Disconnect and Re-connect

A vacation at a guest ranch gives you the opportunity to disconnect from the digital world since many guest ranches are off the beaten path cell service isn’t always readily available; although, you can usually find somewhere on-site to access WiFi if need be. Disconnecting from the digital world allows you and your loved ones to re-connect with each other and your surroundings and isn’t that what a vacation should be all about?

Re-connect with nature
Re-connect with nature

Kid-friendly Programs

Many guest ranches have special programs tailored specifically for your kids. Aside from being fun they are often educational as well. This gives parents a chance to participate in more adult orientated activities or perhaps indulge in a relaxing spa treatment or simple enjoy some time together as a couple. Parents can feel comfortable knowing that their children are being taken care of by responsible staff members and most importantly that their little-ones or not so little-ones are meeting new friends and having a blast.

Specialty Weeks

Throughout the year guest ranches usually offer specialty weeks. Depending on the ranch this could include girls’ only weeks, cattle drives, horsemanship clinics, artistic events, culinary events, adults’ only weeks and of course special holiday celebration weeks. Be sure to ask what events and specials are offered during the year at the guest ranch that you are interested in for your next vacation.   These are just a few of the reasons that when you next decide to pack your bags you should consider choosing a guest ranch as your vacation destination.

RanchSeeker can help you find the perfect guest ranch for you! Happy Trails!

RanchSeeker’s Photo of the Week: Rancho Los Baños Adventure Guest Ranch

10/28/2015 9:41:34 AM

Do you like adventure, scenic landscapes and pristine wilderness? If so, then Rancho Los Baños Adventure Guest Ranch is the ideal vacation destination for you. Located at the foot of the Sierra Madre (the Mexican Rockies) in northeast Sonora, Mexico, which is just 55miles south of the southeast Arizona town of Douglas you will find this privately owned 30,000 acre guest ranch and cattle ranch. Rancho Los Baños, or Ranch of the Springs in English, is in a safe and secure area centered at the crossroads of the Sonoran and Chihuahuan deserts.

Enveloped by some of the most unique, inspiring and diverse desert landscapes this protected wilderness preserve is remote, serene and promises otherworldly landscapes to its visitors. Here you will enjoy world-class backcountry horseback riding that will take you through several different habitats that encompass lake, river, mountain, high desert, box canyon and riparian ecosystems. Besides the many scenic nature trails, you can also ride to numerous historical attractions like a 17th century abandoned Jesuit gold mine or visit the remains of a 19th century bandit hiding camp where both American and Mexican outlaws went to lay low. You can also ride to 2,000 year old pre-Colombian dwellings full of pictographs, deep inside El Cajon Canyon, or visit a 20 mile long lake, and its dam, built during the Great Depression by the architects and engineers that also built Hoover Dam (the dam is a smaller replica of Hoover). This is just a small sampling of what you will see and learn about while staying at the ranch. From atop your horse you will be breathing and living the history of days gone by while taking in spectacular scenery.

Aside from horseback riding there is canyon hiking, jeep eco-tours, river and lake kayaking, fishing, wildlife spotting and birding. Nighttime at Rancho Los Baños you will experience star-gazing at its finest! You will be awed by the tens of thousands of stars visible to the naked eye since there isn’t any interference of unnatural light. Avid nature lovers and thrill seekers will revel in all that there is to see and do at this guest ranch.

Adventure Guest Ranch
Rancho Los Baños Adventure Guest Ranch

Modern, homey, B&B-style ranch lodge and cabins featuring all the creature comforts of home provide comfortable and relaxing accommodations white staying at your home-away-from-home. Gourmet, International and Mexican home-cooked cuisine is served family-style in either the dining room or outside on the balcony overlooking breathtaking scenery. Meal times are a wonderful opportunity to swap stories about your day with other guests and to make new friends.

Rancho Los Baños Adventure Guest Ranch caters to a new generation of adventure travellers who are seeking a thrilling, challenging, educational, fun-filled vacation in a unique setting.

Happy Trails!

*Shuttle service is provided from Tucson to the ranch and back*

Thanksgiving 2015 Dude Ranch Specials

10/25/2015 3:00:53 PM

Thanksgiving is one of the traditions that bring families together around a festive table filled with delicious edibles that everyone loves. But why stick to your dinner table when you can enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving meal within the mountains, surrounded by the beautiful scenery you should be thankful for? And why curl in front of the TV later when you can go on a horseback ride, hike through beautiful valleys, or lounge with others in a lodge to exchange stories? If this sounds tempting, then it’s high time that you head on to a dude ranch Thanksgiving holiday.


To help you get the best of the season without stretching your budget, take a look at the following three Thanksgiving 2015 vacation specials available.

Rancho Los Baños Adventure Guest Ranch

A 30,000 acre adventure guest ranch, Rancho Los Baños is an authentic cattle ranch at the foothills of the Sierra Madres in Sonora, Mexico. What makes it special is its original, exotic flavor which you won’t find in nearby ranches. As an adventure guest ranch, you can also expect thrilling, challenging, educational, and, of course, fun-filled activities that would keep you and your loved ones coming back for more. The dude ranch is also enshrouded by wilderness, adding to its seclusion and separating it from the hubbub of Douglas, Arizona almost 55 miles away.

Rancho Los Banos

For Thanksgiving 2015, Rancho Los Baños Adventure Guest Ranch is offering a six night, seven day package that starts from Sunday November 22 through Saturday November 28. The package costs $1,200 per guest per stay (single occupancy is $1,320 per stay), but children aged 10 and under are welcome to stay there for free. In addition to a round-trip shuttle, this deal includes a Latin American Wine Tasting session that stretches all week long. Get ready to tantalize your palate with complimentary wines from Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Peru and other great wineries in the region. And to top it all, you’ll enjoy a Thanksgiving turkey dinner served in a unique, cultural setting.

Coffee Creek Ranch

Known for being Northern California’s Finest Guest Ranch, Coffee Creek Ranch is also one of the oldest ranches in the area. Surrounded by the National Forest and the Trinity Alps, the 367-acre ranch offers vacationers the chance to reconnect with nature and experience firsthand the world-famous southern hospitality. Families are most welcome at the ranch, a fact proven by its range of Ranch Youth Activities which offer age-appropriate activities to children aged 3-17, such as horse/pony rides, crafts, and roping lessons. Adults, on the other hand, can pick from horseback riding activities, pack trips, fishing trips, or hunting sessions.

Coffee Creek Ranch

For Thanksgiving 2015 on November 29, Coffee Creek Ranch invites you to unwind, unplug and relax at the ranch. The Thanksgiving package includes all meals, lodging, horseback riding, and all the ranch’s activities. However, if you live within 150 miles of the ranch you can stay there for $150 per night per person to have the best time of your life. Better yet, if your family consists of four members, you can save and enjoy Thanksgiving at the ranch for $400 a night. Children under three years can stay for free. So, book quickly to enjoy a delicious Thanksgiving dinner by the ranch’s pool this year

White Stallion Ranch

A member of the TripAdvisor Hall of Fame after winning the #1 Property in Tucson for five years in a row, White Stallion Ranch has been welcoming visitors for over seven decades. It’s  well maintained facilities and wonderful scenery contributed to making it one of the top settings for many Hollywood movies over the years. In addition to comfortable, luxurious rooms, the ranch amenities flaunts sports courts, a fitness center, a bar, a recreation room, a movie theater, and a petting zoo which your kids will love. You can also take part in a range of activities such as riding, rodeo, and hiking. Even if you’re not the adventurous type, your stay will be fun thanks to the ranch’s evening entertainment which includes moonlight bonfires, an astronomy show, line dancing lessons, whip cracking lessons and lastly gun spinning lessons.

If White Stallion Ranch is your destination this Thanksgiving 2015, you can ride your heart out or relax by the pool while a traditional Thanksgiving dinner is being cooked outside. However, you’ll need to book your spot quickly since Thanksgiving Week is very popular and space is limited. Make sure to inquire at  520-297-0252 or email at info@whitestallion.com. These are just some of the Thanksgiving 2015 vacation specials our dude ranches have available this year. Make sure to book the package you like the most right away or else you and your family won’t be able to experience a Western Thanksgiving before next year.

Bar 10 Ranch's Unbelievable Grand Canyon Packages

10/15/2015 1:09:34 PM

The Grand Canyon is one of the Seven Wonders of the World, and probably the easiest Wonder to visit if you’re located in North America. It’s also a great place to revel in the American lifestyle as it’s considered home to the oldest national park in the country and over 4,800 archeological sites. On the other hand, it gives nature lovers a lot of memories they can immortalize on film. However, you can double your fun by staying at the Bar 10 Ranch.

Grand Canyon

Located on the north rim of the Grand Canyon, the Bar 10 Ranch is a dude ranch that offers true Western hospitality and never-ending adventure. But that’s not even all you can expect at Bar 10 Ranch; the following are the main activities and tour packages you can enjoy at the dude ranch.

Grand Canyon Colorado River Rafting Trips

Three and Four Day Trips– Starting from $1,262 per person
Six and Seven Day Trips – Starting from $850 per person

This Activity is Only Available from May through September.  

Bar 10 Ranch is known for being the best place to start and end river rafting trips. You can be part of this experience by booking a Grand Canyon Colorado River Rafting Trip. Become one with the river as you steer your raft and observe the natural wonders surrounding you. The ranch will provide the equipment you need to ensure your safety and entertainment as you make your way away from cars, long lines and the hubbub of people.

Three-Day Outdoor Odyssey

Three Day Outdoor Odyssey – Starting from $615 per person
Four Day Outdoor Odyssey – Starting from $850 per person
Air Fare (Las Vegas – Bar 10 – Las Vegas) – Starting from $290 per person

Get ready to explore the Grand Canyon, immersing yourself in its grandeur and history while traveling between towering vistas and majestic canyons. History buffs are also in for a treat as they’ll get to learn everything about the colorful history of Indians, ranchers, homesteaders and outlaws who once roamed (or hid) in this marvel. On the other hand, nature and art lovers will love the array of colors reflected around them as the sun moves during the day. As part of the Outdoor Odyssey, you’ll receive delicious meals, comfortable lodging, and cowboy guided activities like ATV tours, hiking, ranch demonstrations, and extended horseback rides. You get to decide, however, whether you want to enjoy these activities for three or four days any time year round.

Bar 10 Grand Canyon Air and Ground Tour

Bar 10 Grand Canyon Air and Ground Tour – Starting from $286 per person
Bar 10 Grand Canyon Air and Ground Tour  with ATV Upgrade – Starting from $351 per person

This Activity is Only Available from April through Mid-November.  

Explore the Grand Canyon in more than one unique way: via Bar 10 Ranch’s Dornier Twin-Engine Plane, your own ATV, or as a passenger in a stretch ranger. The ranch’s plane offers you the chance to enjoy a scenic flight at least 2,000 feet over the Grand Canyon. On the other hand, ATVs and the stretch ranger allow you to explore the inner gorge by delving 3,000 feet beneath the sheer cliffs. Rest assured that you’ll go home with a wonderful memory and lots of pictures of breathtaking views. By booking the Bar 10 Grand Canyon Air and Ground Tour, you’re entitled to the following four: Round-trip flights over Lake Mead, Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon ATV or ranger tour with your personal cowboy guide Dutch oven BBQ lunch comprising of BBQ beef sandwich, potatoes, vegetables and dessert Free shuttle transfers to and from certain hotels Aside from these, you can contact the Bar 10 Ranch to create custom or group tours. You can add horseback riders, river rafting, helicopter tours, wagon trek, rock climbing, line dancing instruction, and much more. However, you’ll need to contact the dude ranch with your requirements first to get a quote. So get in touch with Bar 10 Ranch’s friendly reservation staff at 1-800-582-4139.

Romantic Getaways at a Guest Ranch

10/13/2015 10:42:21 AM

Looking to spend some romantic, quality time with your partner or perhaps get married or even elope then look no further. Guest ranches can be the ideal place for romantic getaways with that special someone or to celebrate a special event.

Red Horse Mountain, Harrison, Idaho

Book a private suite with your partner and leave your worries (and kids ;) ) at home on your romantic getaway. During the fall months Red Horse Mountain Ranch is for adults only and it is the perfect time to get away from it all and to reconnect with your loved one. As the leaves on the trees start to change from green to beautiful shades of vibrant red and yellow you can just feel romance in the air. Guests will find adventure, gourmet meals, decadent desserts, hot tubs and a staff waiting to help make your stay a perfect one. At night you’ll make new friends in the main lodge and enjoy evening concerts and cowboy poets as well as spectacular views and a star- studded sky. For couples, the ranch has private suites. You’ll have the entire lodge to relax in during the evenings with hot tubs, wrap around deck, and a full service bar available.  Nestled on 300,000 acres of the Idaho’s Rocky Mountains this vacation spot was made for relaxation and quiet time as well as lots of fun activities during the day like horseback riding and outdoor guided adventures. If you enjoy wine tasting as well make sure you check out the ranch’s Wine Tasting Event available during this season.

Idaho Guest Ranch
Red Horse Mountain Guest Ranch

The Ranch at Rock Creek, Philipsburg, Montana 

Book a three-night stay starting from now through to November 24, 2015 and receive up to $500 in additional value. Escape to The Ranch to rouse your hearts and minds with curated couple’s adventures. Enjoy outdoor activities, such as fly fishing, horseback riding and hiking, as well as spectacular panoramic views from private mountain summits. Your exceptional farm-to-table culinary experiences and rustic, yet elegant accommodations will be complemented by the serenity of the Granite Spa and a glass of champagne with the murmur of the creek outside your door.

What’s Included:

  • A welcome bottle of champagne in accommodation upon arrival
  • A half-day, private guided fly fishing or horseback ride adventure with a gourmet picnic
  •  Two (2) complimentary 60-minute restorative massages in the Granite

The Ranch at Rock Creek

Echo Valley Ranch & Spa, Clinton, British Columbia 

Are you looking for that perfect destination to say "I do"? Have you always dreamed about a guest ranch wedding surrounded by horses and a beautiful wilderness backdrop? Or perhaps you would simply like to celebrate that special day with just your partner before later celebrating with friends and family. If so, then Echo Valley Ranch and Spa offers 2 packages that will suit your needs for either your dream ranch wedding or elopement. The Ranch Wedding Package Includes: • Flower bouquet in room • Wedding ceremony in the Baan Thai wedding pavillion • Wedding commissioner & fees • Wedding bouquet & boutonniere • Reception table with floral centerpiece • Reception for bride, groom and guests • Traditional Thai Massage for two • Bridal hair styling & Bridal makeup • Manicure and pedicure for bride, groom • Breakfast-in-bed on morning of your choice • A wedding keepsake from your friends at Echo Valley Ranch The Ranch Wedding Package is designed for the happy couple and up to 8 guests. For larger groups, their Book the Ranch option is the best choice!

The Echo Valley Elopement includes:

  • Private wedding ceremony in the Baan Thai wedding pavilion
  • Special candlelit four course wedding dinner with champagne
  • Echo Valley Baan Thai couples massage for two in Baan Thai Spa (90 minutes)
  • BC Certified Marriage Commissionaire and fees, plus two witnesses to the marriage ceremony
  • Personalized bridal bouquet & groom's boutonnière
  • Pre wedding hair styling and make up for the bride
  • Photos of the wedding ceremony*
  • Personalized wedding cake prepared by the Chef *
  • A wedding gift keepsake from your friends at Echo Valley

Echo Valley Ranch & Spa

Always included during your stay at Echo Valley: 
  • Welcome glass of champagne
  • All meals prepared by our executive chef including a glass of wine or beer with your dinner, soft beverages at any time
  • Deluxe lodging in one of Lodge and Premium Rooms, Unique Cabins or the sumptuous Royal Suite
  • Daily guided Thai yoga (Ruesri dat ton) stretching classes
  • Weekly evening entertainment program including camp fires, barbeque dinners, authentic Thai banquet and traditional Thai dancing*
  • Weekly cooking demonstrations with nutrition tips from our chef as well as tips on Thai cooking*
  • Use of all ranch facilities, including indoor heated swimming pool, sauna, fitness centre, walking/hiking trails and large games room featuring pool table, shuffle board, darts, card table and more
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi  

So, if you are in need of some quality, romantic time with your loved one or if you have decided to tie-the-knot then why not consider one of these guest ranches for your next romantic getaway. Happy Trails!

Winter the Coolest Time to Visit Crystal Waters Guest Ranch

10/7/2015 11:17:04 AM

Crystal Waters Guest Ranch is located in British Columbia’s Chilcotin region and during the warmer months they specialize in horseback riding, ranching and fishing holidays as well as many other activities. When winter hits the region in late November the ranch is covered by a snowy blanket and it becomes a playground for winter enthusiasts. Locals love this time of year as white powder envelops the vast forests and covers the mountain peaks, rolling hills and alpine meadows. Backcountry travel becomes easier as the waterways and varied types of terrain freeze and are covered by a uniform carpet of snow.

Crystal Lake
Crystal Waters Lake Guest Ranch

Guests who stay at Crystal Waters Guest Ranch during this time can choose from a list of fun outdoor activities or they can simply curl up with a good book in their private log cabin that resides on the shores of Crystal Lake. For those seeking to enjoy the outdoors there are snowshoes available which provides a wonderful opportunity to follow the tracks of the region’s bountiful wildlife. Fishermen will love the peace and quiet found sitting by a hole in the ice with their fishing pole and horse lovers will be thrilled riding through snow-powdered plains. Then, after a fun-filled day of exploring join other guests by a roaring fire and share the day’s experiences while sipping on a hot drink or perhaps take in a sauna. If you feel the need for speed you can bring your own snowmobile or let the ranch help you organize a rental to use during your stay. There are lots of exciting places to explore. Plus during the winter Crystal Lake provides a great surface for ice-skating or playing ice hockey. If you are looking for a more peaceful activity cross-country skiing and snowshoeing are an excellent way to explore this Winter Wonderland. Downhill ski enthusiasts and snow-boarders will love the close proximity of the ranch to Sun Peaks Mountain known throughout the world for its light, dry, “Champagne Powder.” Here you can also find Heli Skiing/Snow-boarding at its best! Plan on getting up early to make a day of it so that you can be back in the evening to enjoy sitting by the fire.

Skiing at Sun Peaks Mountain
Skiing at Sun Peaks Mountain

As you can see Crystal Waters Guest Ranch offers lots of fun outdoor activities for those looking to play in the snow.

Happy Trails!

Flying E Ranch’s Fall/Winter Specials

10/1/2015 5:30:57 AM

Make the Sonoran Desert Your Next Travel Destination

Surrounded by the Bradshaw and Weaver Mountains and topped by the bluest of blue skies, Arizona’s Flying E Ranch offers an authentic dude ranch experience - from the clean air to the wonderful scenery and all the way to the cowboys and horses that welcome you. Since it opened its doors in 1946, it has welcomed thousands of visitors to its beautiful lodge which features eight guest ranch rooms, and an Oregon style barn. Also withstanding time is the 3,200 ft. airstrip, which is what gave the guest ranch its name.

Flying E Ranch

If you’re planning a vacation during fall or winter, consider booking a spot at the Sonoran desert’s Flying E Ranch once the season begins on November 1st.  The following fall/winter specials for 2015 will make your visit more worthwhile.

Bluegrass Weekend Special Date: November 13-15

If you’re a jazz fan, you shouldn’t miss attending the 36th Annual Bluegrass Festival in Wickenburg. Sponsored by the Wickenburg Chamber of Commerce, it’s one of the oldest festivals in the Southwest. In addition to three nationally known brands, the festival consists of 13 different competitions for prize money, food and drink concessions, arts and crafts and retail vendors, and a designated Kids Zone. Instead of roughing it up in an RV, enjoy the Western hospitality the Flying E has become famous for and spend your nights at the ranch. With its strategic (and close) location to the festival’s venue, this is one of the best options for you. Bluegrass Festival

Thanksgiving at the Ranch  Date: November 26-30

Thanksgiving is one of the best times to visit the Flying E, especially as the desert’s weather takes a favorable turn to allow guests to ride, relax, and enjoy a range of festive activities the ranch has arranged. In addition to the Traditional Thanksgiving Feast, you can take part in the Breakfast Ride, Cow Patty Toss, and Team Penning. And that’s not all. There are many activities you can enjoy solo, with your loved ones, or others spending Thanksgiving at the Ranch.

December 20/20 Special  Date: December 1-19

Ever wondered how the Arizonian desert prepares for the holiday season? This is your chance to find out, and that too with 20% off on all lodging during the first 20 days of December. You can also relax at the Flying E, be it by riding the ranch’s trails during day or stargazing under the crystal clear skies at night. On the other hand, you can take part in prepping the ranch for Christmas or even stay there with the following special.

Ranch Christmas Date: December 24-25

Celebrate Christmas in a unique way this year.The Flying E Ranch offers a cowboy holiday where you’ll get to step back to a time when cowboys ruled the old west. You’ll also get the chance to make ornaments to decorate the tree, enjoy Christmas cookies and hot cocoa by the fire, and sing Christmas carols with others until Santa finally reaches the Flying E. On Christmas day, gear up for a breakfast ride to Yucca Flats and a hearty western breakfast including hotcakes, Dutch oven biscuits, sausage, and cowboy potatoes. Finally, settle down with your family and other guests for a traditional sit down dinner at the ranch, followed by group games.

New Year’s Eve Date: December 31

Welcome the New Year old country style. The Ranch will be hosting a Costume Casino Night where one-eyed jacks (and ranchers) get pretty wild. In addition to a wide range of games and prizes, the ranch will conduct a wide range of activities starting from 10pm East Coast time to allow guests enough sleep before the sun comes up and they hit the trail for the first time in 2016.

If you want to avail any of these specials, make sure to book in advance or else risk losing your spot. To make a reservation, click here. You can also contact the Flying E Ranch by phone at (928) 684-2690 or via its Contact Us form. If you’re a little late, don’t worry. There are more specials coming up in 2016 and you’re always welcome to book a room for as low as $205.

Best luck and giddy up!

Happy Trails!

Wine Tasting at a Guest Ranch

9/29/2015 11:54:25 AM

Are you a wine aficionado or someone who would like to learn more about wine or do you simply enjoy drinking wine? If any of those apply to you then the following two guest ranches should be on your list of upcoming vacation ideas.

Red Horse Mountain Ranch, Harrison, Idaho

Due to the popularity of this event among returning guests Wine Tasting Week is now part of the all-inclusive ranch experience available during the fall season. It is the ideal week for singles, couples and friends who love the outdoors, great food and of course wine. At Red Horse Mountain you will find adventure and relaxation and during your week’s stay you will have the opportunity to explore over 30 regional wines. After a fun-filled day enjoying a wide range of guided adventures like horseback riding, sporting clays, kayaking, boat tours and more guests gather in the lodge for the evening. Foodies will be delighted with chef prepared meals and enjoy wines from the Pacific Northwest chosen by the ranch’s resident chefs. This is always a convivial time at the ranch as the lodge is filled with conversation and a festive atmosphere. As the night progresses you can either enjoy the evening entertainment programs or simply just sit back and relax or even better soak in a hot tub under the stars. As the night winds down guests turn in to bed in their private suites that evoke rustic comfort and feature European bedding and down comforters The months of September and October are a beautiful time to be at the ranch as the leaves on the trees start to turn vibrant shades of red and yellow. Quite a spectacular sight indeed! Guests who choose to partake in the Wine Tasting Week can also take part in the full schedule of ranch activities available. Whether you decide to fill your days taking part in energetic activities or getting a massage from the ranch’s licensed massage therapist you’ll be hard pressed to find another place with so much to offer at such an amazing rate.

Idaho Guest Ranch
Red Horse Mountain Ranch

Vista Verde Ranch, Steamboat Ranch, Colorado

While staying at Vista Verde Ranch, whether it is during the winter or summer season, Chef Cholly, hosts a wine tasting class for novices and wine connoisseurs alike. You will learn techniques that will help you better evaluate wine which also includes developing a more extensive wine vocabulary so that you can put your sensory impressions into words. The wines tasted are an eclectic variety, from the basic, to the adventurous. If you also happen to be a foodie then you can choose to take a tour of the ranch’s kitchen to see where all the “magic” happens or take a cooking class which is offered each week throughout the season. Size for these classes is limited since as we all know there can only be so many cooks in the kitchen. Regardless of whether you choose to learn about wine or food mealtimes at the ranch are always a special occasion. It is a wonderful opportunity to share the day’s events with others and to make new friends. Aside from delicious food and amazing wine Vista Verde Ranch has a diverse offering of activities to partake in while enjoying the outdoors. During the summer and autumn months guests can go horseback riding, mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, rock climbing fly fishing as well as many other fun activities to choose from. When the snow falls guests can go skiing, horseback riding in the snow, take a sleigh ride, go snow tubing as well as other optional activities that are offered during the winter and spring season. However you choose to spend your time at Vista Verde Ranch, you are sure to create a lifetime worth of memories.

Vista Verde Ranch

 Happy Trails!

RanchSeeker's Photo of the Week: Laramie River Dude Ranch

9/24/2015 7:44:20 AM

Located in Glendevey, Colorado, this historic guest ranch which also operates as a working ranch, dates back to the 1890’s when it was first operated as the UT Bar Dude Ranch for over forty years. Today, you will still find some of the original structures from that time period. Guests at this dude ranch will experience genuine western hospitality on behalf of the Burleigh family and their staff as well as spectacular vistas of the majestic Rocky Mountains. Horseback riding is the ranch’s specialty so if you love to ride then this is the ideal vacation choice for you. Experienced wranglers accompany each small group of riders across tens of thousands of acres of shaded groves of Aspen and wildflower dotted hillsides all of which include the opportunity to see abundant wildlife. While atop your horse you might just see antelopes, elks, eagles, coyotes or a moose or two so be sure to bring your camera along. In addition to horseback riding you can also choose from a range of activities suitable for families, couples and single travelers. Your vacation can be as active as you want it to be or you can simply relax in the ranch’s hot tub or curl up in a comfortable chair and read a good book. Laramie River Dude Ranch offers exceptional opportunities for fly-fishing, naturalist led hikes, wildlife adventures as well as a full children’s program.

Colorado Guest Ranch
Laramie River Dude Ranch

For those guests who would like to experience the life of a true western cowboy if only for a short while there are lots of opportunities to work cattle while staying at the ranch. Laramie River Dude Ranch has a small herd of cattle which requires team penning twice a week. They also have scheduled and unscheduled opportunities to help neighbors work their much larger herds. Be sure to book in advance if you are interested in their spring and fall cattle drives since space is limited. At the end of each day a comfortable room in the main lodge or a cozy cabin awaits you. Meals are served family-style and after a full day spent outdoors in the fresh mountain air you are sure to have a healthy appetite! Whether you are dining out on the trail or at the ranch meals are always an event at Laramie River. It is the perfect opportunity to make new friends and discuss the day’s adventures. Guests from all across the country and around the world continue to discover the timeless beauty of this Colorado guest ranch. For your next vacation why not consider Laramie River Dude Ranch?

Happy Trails!

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