Coulter Lake Guest Ranch

Published: 4/28/2015 4:59:05 PM


Colorado’s Rustic Retreat All Year Round

Hidden in a wild valley on a pristine mountain like, western Colorado’s gem Coulter Lake Guest Ranch promises a unique experience all year round. The small ranch near the Rocky Mountains is part of the White River National Forest, which is world-renowned for its natural beauty and abundant wildlife. Complementing Mother Nature’s gifts are the facilities and hospitality which you’ll enjoy to the fullest, whether you’re alone, with your family, or simply with your special someone.

Coulter Lake Guest Ranch

The Who and What of Coulter Lake Guest Ranch

Over seven decades old, Coulter Lake has been welcoming visitors to the Rocky Mountains, creating memories to for those dropping by to enjoy their vacations, family reunions, weddings and getaways. Since 2008, Tim and Sue Weller have been managing the activities at the lake and welcoming guests to their new home for the next few days. Tim is an expert wrangler, which is why he leads the pack and oversees the hunting program. Meanwhile, Sue manages the kitchen, the cabins and activities on the ranch. Together with the rest of the staff, the Wellers offer a unique experience to all vacationers, especially those seeking quality family time, trail rides, a broad range of summer and winter activities, and outdoor wedding locations.  Coulter Lake Guest Ranch provides comfortable accommodations for those who just want to relax during their visit and enjoy western gourmet meals served family-style.

Coulter Lake

Why Your Next Vacation Should Be at Coulter Lake

The dude ranch has a range of tempting offerings that you can definitely enjoy on your upcoming vacation, including the following:

Green Vacation

 If you’re conscious about the ecosystem, you should definitely consider Coulter Lake. The ranch relies on solar panels and hydropower to generate most of its electricity, but it uses propane generators to back its system. Moreover, with no cell phone service, e-mail or TV, you will get a break from technology to focus on the important aspects of your life.

Six Cabins with a View

Coulter Lake has six cabins, two overlooking the lake and four spread across the ranch’s aspen trees. Brookview, Woodland, Hilltop, Aspen, Lakeside, and Forest Haven have been built between 1934 and 1950, offering visitors a rustic place to sleep. However, there aren’t any air conditioning units or mini fridges as the cabins are at 8,100 ft. and the running stream helps in keeping beverages cold.

Great Food

The home-cooked meals are one of the reasons vacationers head to the dude ranch every year. Served at the lodge or outdoor locations, the food is prepared in a traditional Dutch oven. You can have your fill of French toast, eggs, blueberry pancakes, BBQ ribs, and even steaks. If you have a sweet tooth, rest assured that you’ll be treated to something new every evening.

Wide Range of Activities for Both Summer and Winter

The summer season, May through August, is considered one of the best times to enjoy horseback riding, hiking, swimming, boating, golf and wildlife observation. The ranch is close to great attractions such as the Frying Pan River, the Riparian Zone trail, and Rifle Creek Golf Course. As for winter, you can take part in activities such as sledding, ice skating, x-country skiing, and snowmobile tours.

Big Game Packages

If you’re a hunting enthusiast, there are different game packages which you can take part in. Coulter Lake can customize hunting packages for elk and mule deer from $1,800 per person sans guide. On the other hand, spring turkey hunts start from $600 per person for three-day hunts

Different Programs for Different People

The dude ranch is famous for its Wilderness Adventure Programs, which can be four weeks long to ensure that you learn important skills such as wilderness horsemanship, fishing, outdoor cooking, and survival. You can also take part in Cowboy Camp, which can be a weekend-long or full week with your family. Another option is the Guide and Packer Program, which is a four-week program that teaching you how to set up and manage your own hunting camp or help one out.

Discounts and Special Prices

To help you save while vacationing, Coulter Lake offers a range of seasonal discounts. For instance, for summer, you can get 15% off by booking between May 23rd and June 6th, or knock 10% off a holiday for a group of five or more.

The Bottom Line

Coulter Lake Dude Ranch is definitely one of the prominent vacation spots for those heading to Colorado. While it may be too rustic for those dependent on technology, it’s ideal for people who want to connect with their loved ones and the nature surrounding them.


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