Fall Specials at Bar W Ranch

Published: 9/21/2015 4:45:33 PM


4 Reasons to Head to Montana’s All-American Dude Ranch

Nestled between pine-lined ridges at the base of Spencer Mountain, Bar W Ranch stands tall amidst the Montana countryside. Beautiful vistas, rolling ridges and Spencer Lake close by are some of the attractions that bring visitors to the dude ranch’s 6,200 sq. ft. lodge, cabin suites, horse riding arenas, stables, barn, and gazebo. Complementing these facilities are a range of summer and winter activities, including cattle work, riding lessons, ranch fishing, boating and swimming, sleigh ride dinners, and clay pigeon shooting. However, Fall 2015 at Bar W Ranch is more special since you get to enjoy special packages at discounted prices.

Bar W Guest Ranch

The following are the four fall specials Bar W Ranch has in store for you.

#1) Cattle Drive 2015

Date: September 19th – 26th 

Unleash your inner cowboy and enjoy the company of others who share your passion for horses, cattle and great country. Bar W Ranch has created a cattle drive adventure that will make you experience first-hand the labors cowboys underwent to round up cattle. Don’t worry about not being experienced; the ranch starts the session with horsemanship lessons and hands-on training for working with cattle. For four days, you’ll be in charge of gathering up the cattle, driving them back to the corrals, and then tending to them after sorting the cows and calves. By the time the week is over, you’ll be experienced in herding, roping, branding and vaccinating long horns, cows, and even bucking horses. Finally, before departing to the ranch, you’ll experience the beauty of the Canadian Border at Swisher Lake throughout the day before enjoying a wagon ride and BBQ at Spencer Lake in the evening.

Bar W Ranch Cattle Drive

#2) CowGirl-Up 

Date: September 27th – October 3rd 

Ladies, prepare for a 6-night, 5-day getaway at Bar W Guest Ranch. The CowGirl Up package offers best friends, sisters, daughters or girls seeking camaraderie the chance to take over the ranch and revel in nature’s simplicity, western informality, and Montana’s utter beauty. Get set to ride your heart out across trails, prairies and mountainous terrain. If you’re an experienced rider, you’ll also get the chance to try barrel racing and roping. On the other hand, if riding isn’t your thing, you can participate in fly fishing, archery, and roping sessions. While the day is when you’ll be roughing it up a little, the evenings are the perfect time to treat the diva within. In addition to spa treatments, you’ll enjoy wine tasting sessions, dinner at the lodge or Play meadow, line dancing, and campfire and cowboy singing. If you like what you’ve read so far, make sure to book right away before someone else nabs your spot.

#3) Adults Only Dude Ranch Week

Date: October 4th – 10th 

Prepare to rest your mind, body and soul far away from the maddening city crowd at Bar W Ranch. Singles, couples and parents can enjoy the 6-night Adults Only Dude Ranch Week, exploring the unspoiled nature of Montana’s countryside and indulging in fun activities such as trail riding, sorting cattle, barrel racing, and skeet shooting. Come evening time, you’ll be invited to the ranch’s informal cocktail receptions held around the cozy fire at the lodge. With this package, you’ll also get a night at Whitefish, which is listed by Frommer’s Budget Travel as one of the Top Ten Cool Towns.  Get ready to enjoy a fantastic dinner at a local diner followed by a trip to the local watering holes. That aside, you’re welcome to laze in the ranch’s hot tub and gaze up at Montana’s big sky.

#4) Ultimate Dude Ranch Photography Vacation

Date: October 18th – 24th 

There’s a reason many head to Bar W Guest Ranch every year – the beautiful Montana scenery where majestic horses, cowboys and wildlife blend naturally. If you’re a photographer, don’t miss your chance to book a spot at the Ultimate Dude Ranch Photography Vacation. The ranch is teaming up with Triple D Game Farm to provide visitors with unparalleled photo opportunities that will fill up numerous photo albums. However, the package goes beyond photography to include lodging, three meals, horseback riding, themed evening cocktail receptions, square dancing, wagon rides and campfire cook outs, and even skeet shooting and archery. So get your camera ready and back your bags for a great week.

Just remember to book the Bar W package(s) you want right away or else you’ll have to wait for another year before you can take part in them. Best of luck and giddy up!


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