Florida Ranch Vacation & Florida Dude Ranches

Florida’s ranching tradition is a well-kept secret. You may not think of a Florida dude ranch vacation when you think of The Sunshine State, but the truth is that Florida has one of the longest histories of ranching in all of the United States. Ranching is still a vital part of Florida’s economy, and Florida dude ranches are fine representations of that industry. While dude ranches in other parts of the country struggle to provide a quality vacation experience for their visitors during the winter months, cold weather is rarely an issue when you choose a Florida ranch vacation.

Florida dude ranches have their own unique style and flair. From the wonderful Florida cuisine—think cornbread, catfish and hushpuppies—to the Native American Seminole influence, one-of-a-kind cultural diversity abounds in Florida. And that’s just what you and your family will experience during your visit to Florida dude ranches.

Dude ranches in Florida can advantage of their many National Parks and access to outdoor activities to attract visitors. Imagine watching the next space shuttle take off at theKennedy Space Centre in the morning, horseback riding in the afternoon, and relaxing at night enjoying the country landscape. All this is possible at many Florida dude ranches.

Florida’s warm weather is great for backyard barbeques and outdoor activities like hiking, biking, horseback riding, fishing, and hay rides.