The Best Ways to Utilize Dude Ranches

Published: 12/19/2013 3:13:11 PM


The immediately recognizable smell of horses blowing in the air. The creak of leather saddles, and the dust and dirt associated with ‘blazing the trail’. All true images of a dude ranch vacation. Majestic scenery, fine wine with gourmet food, extraordinary spa treatments - also images of a dude ranch vacation? Surprisingly, yes!

Dude Ranches

Depending on where you choose to go, what your budget is, and what type of a vacation you are looking for - you may experience all of the above mentioned and much more. The best ways to utilize dude ranches depends on your answers to some important questions about what type of experience you are looking to have from your vacation.

Question #1: Do I Want to Rough It, or Relax?

Your honest answer as to whether riding on a horse and sleeping under the stars is your idea of a good time - or if this will only give rise to needing a vacation from your vacation - should help in choosing the right dude ranch for you. A mixed balanced of enjoyable riding, with some of the comforts of a relaxing holiday is appealing to many.

Question #2: What About the Company that you Keep?

While cowboy steaks and campfires may be your dream come true, what about your co-travelers? If their distaste for the experience is what you hear about frequently (perhaps unendingly) during the experience - you may want to rethink the options of who you take along, or where you decide to go and the options for appealing to varying tastes.

Question #3: Is it a practical place to hold your wedding or corporate group gathering?

As romantic a place as it may seem as you picture yourself riding off into the sunset with your new spouse, or as enthused as you may be about ‘rounding up’ your employees into team building activities - there is still a need for practicality. Advance planning, budget analysis and a good talk with the ranch staff where you are considering making your arrangements can go a long way in ensuring a successful event.

Question #4: Can a campfire rekindle your love?

Spending quality time with the person you care about free from the distractions of hectic schedules and technology driven communication can be exactly what is needed to reconnect and relight those fires of appreciation for one another. However, as previously mentioned - consider the preferences for both persons, and arrange a holiday at a dude ranch that will appeal to the desires of both individuals to make it an enjoyable experience all around.

Whether you utilize a dude ranch to sooth your soul, strengthen yourself for challenges in your life, share a positive experience with someone you care about or host a fabulous wedding or corporate event - in any case, it will be something not soon forgotten. A little research and planning will help you best utilize a dude ranch vacation to meet your needs and budget and provide a positive experience.